13 Tips For Stress-Free New Year’s Eve

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From Your Health Journal…..”Two of my favorite publications teamed up for the article being reviewed ‘here’ today – The Huffington Post and The Times Of India – please visit both sites for some amazing health articles. Today’s review discussed relieving stress on New Year’s Eve. The give 13 tips to help you out – from not worrying if you do not have plans, how to handle being alone. staying up too late, or even gaining some extra weight during the holidays. New Year’s eve for many is a time to reflect – on the bad and good times of the year, and changes you should potentially make for the following year. There are many who feel a lot of pressure on New Year’s socially, when in fact, you don’t need to. Having great plans or quiet plans should not impact your life so much causing you stress or aggravation…..and all those things that disappointed you in 2012 should be a thing of the past, and move on forward. Of course, there are some things we have a hard time letting go, that do cause us stress – but hopefully over time, we heal to some extent. To all the readers of Your Health Journal, I hope you have a stress free New Year’s Eve. Please visit the Huffington Post and Times Of India web pages to read this complete article, and other great stories.”

From the article…..

For many people, New Year’s Eve is one of the most stressful nights of the year as they are under the pressure to execute out-of-the-ordinary, over-the-top plans, find the perfect person to kiss at midnight and welcome the new year with an enthusiasm that we hope will foreshadow the next 364 days.

The HuffPost Healthy Living editors have pointed out 13 things that just aren’t worth stressing about this New Year’s Eve, so that people can welcome 2013 with less stress.

1. Not having plans – You don’t need to plan to enjoy. Ordering takeout, buying champagne and watching the ball drop in your warm living room can actually be fun, especially if it’s with the people you love, they said.

2. Being alone – Just because you’re solo for one night doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a lifetime of loneliness. Don’t give New Year’s Eve any more significance than any other night of the year.

3. Staying up past midnight – Sleep early so that when you wake up you can send all your loved ones happy New Year texts in the morning.

4. The extra few pounds you’re carrying from the holidays – Don’t think much about it because everyone has it. Let it go, then resolve to resume your healthy lifestyle in 2013.

5. Having no one to kiss at midnight – It’s better than having the wrong person.

6. Spending hundreds of dollars – If money’s tight, don’t blow a month’s (or more) worth of going-out money on one night. It’ll be over in a few hours.

7. Drinking champagne – Pick a drink you actually like, and enjoy.

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