Zero To Hero: How Your Mindset Can Be Your Key To Healthy Living And Good Health – Part 2

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By Kamala Appel

Continued from part 1 of this article…..

girlhulaAfter that fiasco, I made a promise to myself never ever to experience that level of pain again- never ever. (Even though several of the various other ladies were 6-12 inches taller and had actually played 2 to 4 years longer). I educated myself about kids health, how to be healthy, how to eat healthy, and constant with my exercise program: I ran 3-5 miles each and every day, rain or shine, and paced at a 7 min rate per mile.

Even with all this hard work, I was cut from the team when I tried out that fall. But I still played club during the play off-season but only as a bench warmer, yet I stuck with it.

But after that went on to letter in two sports at the Division I level in university. And I also coached a college level team shortly after college.

Then 8 years after that initial camp, I ran in to one of my first volleyball coaches, who was there at the first horrific training camp I went to, and I informed her I was coaching. And her reaction reminded me of my wellness and health quest and exactly how the choice to be a great pal altered my life.

If you had actually asked me when I was 15, if I would play competitive sporting activities, I would certainly have assumed you were higher like my stoner papa and my good friends’ moms and dads. If you had asked me when I was 15, if I would commit myself to being healthy and genuinely delight in playing sporting activities and exercising, U.C. Berkeley, I would never have imagined how my life would unfold.

However, if you ask me now, I would certainly inform you, that I could possibly not picture my life without fitness and sports. I was not a natural athlete by any means. I did not acquire any type of reassurance or awareness from my buddies and household.

boygirlplayNow I am a weekend warrior, as we are called, and do triathlons and aquaterras (splash and touches). If you have actually never ever attempted a mix endurance race, I urge you to give one a shot. Possibly you could convince a pal into going with you.

I have actually never ever been sorry for being dedicated and making the sacrifices I have made over the years to be healthy since they are second to the perks. I have actually found out that a dedication to diet plan, exercise, and a healthy mindset will certainly make you really feel happy and others respect you.

Moral of the story: Even if you start off as the worst one there, even if you suck royally, and if you assume you are a complete loser- anything is possible.

– Sports, exercise and fitness have been a huge part of my life and led me to be more health-conscious than I probably would have been otherwise. Sports have even helped me conquer an eating disorder. However, even though I have played competitive sports and, as a result been an advocate for health and fitness for more than half my life; I am far from a natural. In fact, I am a bit of a zero to hero story. I didn’t even start playing sports until a friend dragged me to a volleyball training camp when I was in high school because she did not want to go alone. Now I am hooked on healthy living and a supporter of eating healthy (I enjoy reading First for Women because they have tips about emotional and physical wellness). I stick to an anti-inflammation diet about 90% of the time- the other 10%, well I’m human. (Check out the free IF calculator at, I am not affiliated). Find out how you can live a healthy lifestyle with ease by visiting: