What Health Problems Heavy Kids Face Most

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By Diana Maria

overweightchildAs per reports more 6 percent of kids and teens in the United States are extremely obese. According to the health experts, the obese kids are those children who are seen falling at the top of the weight charts. This is also known as morbid or extreme obesity. Unfortunately, the percentage of such children seems to be increasing with every passing day in the US and around the world, which is bringing in several health issues for these heavy kids. If you dig deep, these kids are reported with higher rates of Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressures, sleep apnea, liver disease, musculoskeletal problems and even the earlier symptoms of clogged arteries. All these are considered as the immediate repercussions of obesity for kids and teens. Apart from the number of health problems, these kids also face social and emotional distress, which include social discrimination, the social stigmatization due to psychological stress that causes low self extreme and confidence. This therefore makes a child lag behind in academics and other social activities. Let’s check the number of health problems, which obese or extra heavy kids and teens can face as under:


The higher rate of obesity among children can lead to a number of obesity related chronic ailments. Among these the most common diseases and conditions found among the kids and teenagers is asthma. A majority of obese kids who are heavy weight encounter the problem of asthma, which brings in certain breathing problems and other ailments.


Another deadly condition, which attack kids with overweight, is Diabetes and that too the Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is often found among the adults is now seen becoming very much prevalent among kids and teens with morbid obesity. As per reports of CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), one of every three obese kids are found out with Type 2 diabetes, which is really not a good news for parents.

Heart diseases and disorders

girlAs per a number of health studies and reports another common problems or diseases that are popular among the obese kids and teens are related to heart. The kids with obesity are diagnosed with symptoms pertaining to conditions like atherosclerosis, which is basically hardening of several arteries. This starts with kids and adults having obese bodies, unfortunately, this condition is among the major cause behind severe heart diseases. It also bring in high blood cholesterol and boost up the triglyceride levels, which often comes out obesity that is formed due to bad eating habits.

Gallstone and Liver problems

The other issues, which seem to bug the obese kids, include gallstone and liver problems. As per reports the incidence of gallstone is found out significantly much higher among the kids who are overweight and obese. Also, there are studies and reports, which vouch for the problems pertaining to liver as well. Kids who fall under the category of morbid obesity are diagnosed with liver issues and the most common one include the Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis or the NASH and this is the very condition, which bring in severe problems like cirrhosis.

Sleeping problems and menstrual issues

As per reports, the kids who are obese are found with the risk of sleeping issues leading to problems like obstructive sleep apnea. This ailment is among the life threatening breathing disorder attributed by small interruptions of breathing while they are sleeping. If this continues for a longer duration, this can even lead to issues like heart failure. If young girls and female kids are seen obese then they are seen facing a couple of menstrual problems. As per reports, the obese girls are seen reaching o their puberty at the very early age. Furthermore, due to morbid obesity in young girls can also bring in issues of menstrual irregularities owing to uterine fibroids at the later stage.

Metabolic syndrome

As per reports around 40 % of kids with obesity are seen with metabolic syndrome, which bring in issues like health problems and diabetes. The number of metabolic syndrome found among the kids with obesity include, high blood pressure, abnormal lipids, insulin resistance, etc. All these syndromes are more than enough to affect the heart and other body organs of the obese kids. Although you may find a couple of treatment options for the obese kids, yet prevention is among the best tool to counter this problem.

Final word

Obesity among the kids can lead a number of problems in their bodies. Though you may find a number of solutions in the form of surgeries and medications, yet the best bet is prevention. Bad eating habits and improper lifestyle lead to this problem, which can be avoided by leading a disciplined life.

– Diana Maria is a freelance journalist who has been writing about mobile technology, customer relationship management and women’s health for more than a decade. These days she is busy to contributes on punchh.