Use Traditional Chinese Herbs When You Cook For Flavor And Health – Part 2

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By Lauren Hill

Continued from part 1 of this article…..

spiceFresh ginger is very powerful when grated or pressed. The immediate problem with its flavor is it becomes much less sharp the longer the ginger is exposed to the air. Even after a few hours, the potency of ginger is significantly reduced. Ways to combat this is by using pickled or candied ginger. Purchasing preserved ginger can help your culinary flavors be as poignant and fresh as possible.

Unlike five-spice, cooking with ginger requires more knowledge of how to use it to specifically complement dishes. If used improperly ginger is completely overpowered or does not mesh with other more subtle flavors. For the best results with ginger, look up your favorite Chinese dish that has a ginger twist to it.

If you want to use ginger to alleviate joint or arthritis pain, go ahead. Ginger has been studied not only for its properties in digestive health, but also as an anti-inflammatory. Eating a meal with plenty of ginger or even eating a candied ginger disk can give you relief from aching joints.

Loving Licorice: Star Anise

As a child I did not like black licorice, the flavor was too strong, and it did not seem like a very delicious candy. As an adult, I have a healthy appreciation for anise and licorice root and how they can add deep flavor to otherwise boring meals. Star anise is a beautiful spice that comes in the shape of a snowflake or star, hence its name. If you plan on using star anise in your cuisine you should invest in an herb bag. To infuse dishes with the flavor of licorice without having to pick out inedible anise fragments, an herb bag lets you steep herbs, the same as with a tea bag. When the meal is ready, simple take the herb bag out and there will be no herb leaves or spice fragments.

If you are like me and did not enjoy licorice as a child, give star anise or licorice root another chance. The odds are that your taste buds have matured, and you now enjoy the bitter and distinct taste of black licorice. You should try it out at least once not only because the taste is amazing paired with other delicious Chinese dishes, but it is very good for you. Licorice root, which also tastes as its name suggests like licorice, has been linked with soothing coughs and sore throats for many hundreds of years. It is still an ingredient in many cough syrups.

If you would like to reduce the symptoms of your cold or cough, star anise and licorice root are some of the best and tastiest natural remedies.

Learn More About Chinese Cooking and Herbs

If you find yourself intrigued with experimenting with traditional Chinese spices and herbs, check out more of the information on the internet. Not only can you find awesome recipes for delicious foods, but you can find essential medicines that have been a part of Chinese culture for millennium.

Many herbs have long been proven to help cleanse the body of toxins, sooth congestions and inflammation, increase memory retention, and encourage proper bodily function. If you are not interested in the health side of Chinese herbs, you should at least experiment with the flavors that have been influencing Chinese cooking for thousands of years. For people who want to add healthy, non fattening taste to meals, or would like to become better acquainted with ancient Chinese medicine, traditional herbs and spices can enhance meals and bodies at the same time.

– Guest author Lauren Hill writes for Solstice Medicine Company.