Tips On How To Save Teeth In A Dental Emergency

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toothNew Albany cosmetic dental treatment authority Dr. Ronald Receveur is offering tips to anyone who has a dental emergency.

Those in Southern Indiana and Louisville, Ky., looking to find a dentist who does emergency dentistry can call Dr. Receveur at 812-945-SMILE to be seen right away or visit his website at for more information.

“The most common dental emergencies are a cracked or broken tooth, knocked out tooth, toothache, and cracked or broken dentures,” Dr. Receveur said.

Those experiencing difficulty breathing due to swelling, a broken jaw, high fever or severe pain should go to the hospital or call 911, he said. Others should call an emergency dentist, such as Dr. Receveur, immediately upon discovering any of the following:

Cracked or broken tooth:
Call an emergency dentist immediately to get an appointment, even if you have no pain. A tooth can continue to break even without pain!
Rinse your mouth with warm water.
Use a cold compress to reduce any swelling before your appointment.

Knocked out tooth
Use water to rinse off the tooth if it is dirty, but don’t scrub it or remove any tissue.
Gently insert the tooth into its socket and hold it there, if possible.
If you can’t put it back into the socket, put it in a cup of milk.

Rinse your mouth with warm water.
Use a cold compress to reduce any swelling before your appointment.
Don’t put alcohol, aspirin or any other painkiller against your gums near the aching tooth as doing so may burn the gums.

For a broken denture, look for an affordable dentist like Dr. Receveur who has his own lab. Dr. Receveur can usually provide someone new teeth in one day.

Dr. Receveur, who practices in New Albany, Ind., across the Ohio River from Louisville, Ky., offers Louisville cosmetic dentistry services and general dentistry such as teeth cleanings, X-rays, fillings, extractions, root canals, crowns, teeth whitening and veneers. Dr. Receveur also is an expert in more advanced implant dentistry like All on Four dental implants, All on Six dental implants, mini dental implants, One Day Smile Solution, dental implants in one hour, bone grafting and sinus lifts, all with IV sedation dentistry.

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