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Many health and wellness web sites are always looking for ways to improve their Alexa ranking, Google ranking, social media skills, and SEO. The Tech Tools section of this web site will have basic tips from experts and non-experts alike who will share their successes with the audience of this blog. Hopefully, they will help anyone who has their own web site improve the sites popularity.

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Simple Tips To Improve Your Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, Social Media Skills, And SEO.

My name is Hannah Marr, and I am the Content Director at BizBrag, an online social media management and search engine optimization platform for businesses. I thought I might be able to offer some insight into how health & fitness professionals who want to improve the SEO and overall performance of their website.

My number one tip for anyone interested in improving the performance of their website would be to invest time into content marketing. Content Marketing is a big buzzword that has been gaining a lot of traction lately, specifically in the last few months. The idea is for marketers to consistently create and publish high-quality, engaging content /for the benefit of the reader/. I emphasize this point because often times inexperienced web owners just starting out want to focus on creating content about their website, what they do, etc. However most people are really not interested in this. Instead, web owners should focus on creating content that is relevant to their industry, but not specifically about their business or site, and that offers new information to the reader.


‘Content is King’ is a mantra that has been around for a while, but it has never been more true than it is today. In 2011, Google released it’s ‘Panda’ algorithm change that aimed to push low quality, thin content to the bottom of the SERPs. Since that time, marketers have been putting much more emphasis on content by creating high quality pieces that audiences will find interesting. Because this content is of an interesting nature and provides value to the reader, it is more likely that this content will be shared with others over content that is generic, thin, and/or too much of a hard sell. When the high quality content is consistently shared across the internet and social web, more and more links are creating pointing back to the original article, which will then improve the web masters visibility, engagement, and over all performance.

Content marketing can be done in multiple ways. It can be applied to social media, blogging, and much more. Our platform, BizBrag, is also perfect for content marketing, as users creating standalone web pages called ‘Braggits’ that are built from the ground up to be social and rank well in search. Users can create high quality content and distribute it among search engines and social websites which will help pass on some ‘Google juice’ to their website and make their website and braggits more visible on the web.

Hannah Marr, Content Director, BizBrag, Inc.