SML Shares Its Top Ten Best Places To Move In 2015

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familywalk2Simple Moving Labor’s (SML’s) annual Top Ten Best Places to Move in 2015 includes newcomer Provo, Utah, in the number one spot and four Texas hubs make the list as well. If a move is on your to-do list for 2015, here are the hot spots drawing attention.

Provo, Utah captures the number one spot on the “Top Ten Best Places to Move in 2015” list, bumping Boise, Idaho to number two since last year. Simple Moving Labor, the national leader in moving labor, compiles and publishes the list annually.

West Palm Beach, Florida, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Austin, Texas – all new to the list, compared to 2014 – round out the Top Five. Texas is the most represented state with Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio joining Austin as one of the hottest places to move to in 2015. Dallas just barely missed out on joining, too. Florida and Utah both had two cities on the list.

“As a nation, we tend to relocate very cyclically, migrating naturally to the places where we can work, raise a family, and enjoy a certain quality of life,” said SML President Matt McCollum. “Some of these places might not be the first to spring to mind when you think of where people love to live, but these residents would tell you otherwise – and people looking to move are listening.”

SML looked at cities with populations over 200,000 and then compares the median income, median price of a sold house, projected home value growth over the next three years, and the home affordability index. The unemployment rate is used as a tie breaker.

To even be considered for the list, the community had to beat the national average for median income ($53,046 annually) and have an unemployment rate under the national average of 5.7%. SML drew the statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,,, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

“The numbers make a compelling argument, but it is when you start looking a little deeper, seeing what the residents say about an area, that the true story comes out,” McCollum said. “The residents in these communities are the city’s strongest advocates. They love where they live and want people to realize it.

Salt Lake City, Utah and Orlando, Florida also made this year’s list. The full rankings include:

1. Provo, Utah
2. Boise, Idaho
3. West Palm Beach, Florida
4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
5. Austin, Texas
6. Orlando, Florida
7. Salt Lake City, Utah
8. Houston, Texas
9. San Antonio, Texas
10. Fort Worth, Texas

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