Reducing Sugary Drinks

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From Health Journal…..”As childhood obesity numbers continue to rise, many experts are trying to figure out what are the main causes. To some, they feel that technology is causing sedentary lifestyle, where children are involved in less physical activity, and sitting too long. Others point the finger at diet, as children are not eating healthy. Some, as this article suggests point the finger at the ‘liquid candy’ kids ingest each day. Some studies show that almost 40% of calories consumed each day by children is from liquid. Simply cutting the sugary drinks can significantly help many children lose some extra pounds, along with 30-60 minutes of physical activity each day. Do kids need to cut the sugary drinks completely? Not necessarily, but moderation is the key. Cutting back a little bit over time can help, and eventually lead children towards a healthier lifestyle.”

From the article…..

A Columbia-based nonprofit is kicking off an anti-obesity campaign designed to get parents and children in Howard County to kick the soda habit.

The Horizon Foundation plans to hold a “Dump Sugar” event Tuesday morning, where organizers will dump 10 tons of “sugar” (actually white sand) at a local middle school.

Ten tons signifies the amount of sugar that the average middle school student would consume if he or she drank one 12-ounce soda each day for one year, organizers said.

Soda and other sugary beverages are considered to be one of the major culprits in the obesity epidemic. A quarter of Maryland children are obese or overweight, organizers said.

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