RadioMD Explores “Outsourcing” Hugging To Enhance Health And Well-Being

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healthywordsTouching is a powerful human connection and has inherent health benefits. Samantha Hess, a professional cuddler who owns Cuddle Up to Me, a for-hire cuddling service, maintains that everyone could use a hug.

People may be initial skeptics of the service, but if one puts their preconceived notions aside, there are many health benefits of cuddling. Appearing on‘s show HER Radio, Hess explained to hosts Michelle King Robson and Dr. Pamela Peeke that “snuggling can be healing, therapeutic, comforting and restorative.”

Studies indicate that people have an innate ability to decode emotions via touch alone. If you are not receiving that affection from a significant other, does it makes sense to fill the void to cuddle with a stranger?

The topic of security and sexual arousal is natural concern when considering that Hess meets with strangers to administer her hugs, which can last a half an hour or even overnight.

“I have a strict security policy and do thorough background checks on every potential client. I meet with them initially in a public place, before meeting with them privately. Since hugging is very intimate if someone becomes sexually aroused during the session, there is an agreement to not act on it and we take a break if necessary to make sure that the session remains professional,” explained Hess, who maintains her Cuddle Up To Me website and is the author of “Touch: The Power of Human Connection.” .

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