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“2 lucky winners will each win the following prizes from

mouthwashProduct 1 – Nature’s Flavors Organic Mouthwash For Kids In Big Bubblegum Flavor

Now the kids will want to swish and spit before bed! Shhh…Don’t tell them it is “good” for them! Mouthwash- Certified USDA organic, alcohol free, purified water, organic glycerin, sweetnol (a blend of erythritol and stevia), natural flavors, natural color and organic lemon juice.

Product 2 – Natures Flavor Natural Colors Rainbow Pack

Cooking & baking colors the way nature intended. Stop using traditional food coloring that is loaded with artificial colors, chemicals and unnatural preservatives. Natural Colors is all natural, chemical free and good for your family! Natural Colors Rainbow Pack…water, natural and organic plant extracts and organic vegetable glycerin.

From the manufacturer…..

Nature’s Flavors’ Rainbow Pack of Natural Colors brings the rainbow right into your culinary confections! Our Rainbow Pack of Natural Colors can be used in a variety of your baked goods, as well as beverage applications. Baked goods such as waffles, pancakes, breads, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, icings, puddings, yogurts, rainbowpacksmoothies, shakes, and malts, Nature’s Flavors’ Rainbow Pack of Natural Colors lets you set your rainbow of colors free! With the simple application on our Natural, delightful colors, you can make any holiday festivity bright and fun with the Natural Colors Nature’s Flavors has to offer in our Rainbow Pack. Do you paint eggs for Easter? Do you like to get creative with cookies for Christmas? Do you enjoy whipping up colorful cakes for your child’s birthday parties? Nature’s Flavors is your one-stop shop for all-Natural, simply stunning color. It’s the place to be to be bright and be beautiful!

Here are the guidelines

1. You must write comment in the section below.

2. Although your email will only be seen by the site administrator, you must fill this in – if you win, this is the only way we will contact you.

3. In the comment section, write one thing you did that was healthy today.

4. There is NO cost to participate.

5. You must be 18 years of age or over to enter.

6. You can enter only one time.


– Giveaway ends April 30, 2013. The owners of this web site assume no responsibility for any issues that occur. The manufacturer has assured us they will send the winner the product.

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