No Need To Topple The Food Pyramid While Vacationing At Walt Disney World

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By Michelle Rise

kidseatinghealthyWith childhood obesity rates climbing to an all time high in recent years, we’ve become aware of the importance of good food choices in a child’s life. While on vacation, it’s easy to give in to temptation and be lazy where food choices are concerned. The temptation factor rises exponentially in the magical theme park land of Walt Disney World. With tempting treats all around such as ice cream, candy of every imaginable kind and generously portioned desserts, gaining a few pounds is simply an expected part of the vacation. However, if you don’t want to come home bloated or spend vacation time with an upset stomach, there are ways to enjoy snacking and dining without toppling the food pyramid.


Most hotel rooms have a mini-fridge and many have full kitchens. Find one with a grocery delivery service and have your room stocked with healthy food options such as bananas, grapes, granola bars and yogurt. With healthy options within reach, you won’t be tempted to run to the lobby store and buy junk food.


We all know children imitate the adults in their lives. If you want your children to eat right, you need to eat good foods in front of them. If you are enjoying your fruit salad and low-fat yogurt as much as you would chocolate ice cream; the kids will do the same.


If asked, most children will insist they’re starving and can’t possibly share a meal with a sibling. What they really mean is they don’t want to share anything with a sibling. Instead of asking in the first place, simply order and dole out food as you see fit. If they’re still hungry and want more, you’ll soon know it. But chances are, in the excitement of theme park surroundings or sitting poolside at the hotel, they’re simply not going to be still long enough to eat a lot. Remember, portions at restaurants and snack bars are generous, often much more than you would serve at home. By sharing meals, you’ll save money as well as calories.


Most snack bars and restaurants have an abundance of healthy options. Many children’s meals in theme parks have the option of applesauce and grapes instead of french fries and cookies. Choose the healthier options most of the time and the fries and cookie option sparingly.


kidsKids love to choose for themselves and some even enjoy the process of ordering, plus you don’t want total deprivation of fun foods. Use stickers or hand drawn pictures on card stock and hand out snack or meal vouchers daily. The kids will start to notice what’s around and choose according to their vouchers. Disney theme parks have plenty of high calorie treats but there is often an abundance of fruits as well, with fresh bananas and apples easily found. Apple slices with caramel dip is the perfect combination of necessary fruit plus that sweet treat kids crave.


All things in moderation is a good adage for eating right on vacation. After all, you’re supposed to be relaxing and having fun. Good meals, new foods and snacks are part of the fun. So indulge a little but do so with moderation and return home with fun souvenirs such as t-shirts and mugs instead of extra pounds.

– Michelle Rise is a homemaker, mother of 5 and travel enthusiast. Michelle recently travelled to Disney staying at some hotel suites in Orlando where she felt compelled to share her knowledge with other parents heading to Disney soon.