Michelle Obama on Jimmy Fallon

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boypushupFrom Your Health Journal…..”Yesterday, we mentioned in an article about Michelle Obama’s impact on childhood obesity. There was an article that quoted the White House as saying she was responsible for reducing childhood obesity in the United States, which I was not sure was ‘accurate’, but I also mentioned I was not sure of the validity of the comment – did the White House really declare this?. But, what I did say was I thought she was a good ambassador / inspiration figure in the fight against childhood obesity. One of the keys to reducing childhood obesity is education and awareness, and I think she adds a major component to this growing concern. Take into account her appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show last night (video below), where she danced with Jimmy, who was actually dressed as a woman. It was hilarious! For a First Lady to do this type of comedic dancing, I give her a lot of credit. But, she was promoting her Let’s Move initiative, which was the important part of the appearance. She even joked about competing with Jimmy for the Tonight Show gig when Jay Leno retires. Heart disease is still the number one killer in our country, and many children in the United States are obese – with health related illness due to it including heart disease, as well as cancer, type 2 diabetes, weak joints – and low self esteem. So, Mrs. Obama does a great job getting the health message out there. She is the First Lady, and has a power most do not – if she wants to appear on a show, they will let her get her message out, as it does great with ratings. The regular Joe cannot do this, so it is good to have her on the team. Please visit the New York Newsday web site (link provided below) to read the complete article.”

From the article…..

Michelle Obama says she’s eyeing another campaign in 2016 and, contrary to speculation, it doesn’t involve running for public office.

During her first appearance on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” on Friday, the host asked her to consider a Michelle-Hillary ticket for president in 2016. The latter is former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who lost the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination to Mrs. Obama’s husband. Speculation is rampant that Clinton is gearing up to run again in 2016.

“You know, I have my eye actually on another job. And I hear that when Jay Leno retires that ‘The Tonight Show’ position is going to open and I’m thinking about putting my hat in the ring,” the first lady says, according to an excerpt of the appearance released before airtime by NBC.

Mrs. Obama then asks for his opinion, but Fallon’s answer suggests he’s had a quick change of heart about challenging her. “I’m done thinking about it,” he says, laughing.

The first lady visited the late-night talk show to promote “Let’s Move,” her anti-childhood obesity campaign, which marked its third anniversary this month.

She also danced with Fallon, who was dressed like a woman.

About Let’s Move!

Let’s Move! is a comprehensive initiative, launched by the First Lady, dedicated to solving the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation, so that children born today will grow up healthier and able to pursue their dreams. Combining comprehensive strategies with common sense, Let’s Move! is about putting children on the path to a healthy future during their earliest months and years. Giving parents helpful information and fostering environments that support healthy choices. Providing healthier foods in our schools. Ensuring that every family has access to healthy, affordable food. And, helping kids become more physically active.

Everyone has a role to play in reducing childhood obesity, including parents, elected officials from all levels of government, schools, health care professionals, faith-based and community-based organizations, and private sector companies. Your involvement is key to ensuring a healthy future for our children.

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