Living “Fearwards” – Part 2

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By Richard Moss

Continued from part 1 of this article…..

ontopIf we lived in a Harry Potter Universe, the wizard would wave her wand and say the incantation: “Fearwards!” Suddenly everyone on Earth has three times the capacity to be with fear and not become self-involved and self-protective. This means they have three times the ability to be vulnerable and not close their hearts. Instantly, there is a fraction as much greed and distrust, a fraction of the power struggles and conflicts. Instantly, there is three times more openness, three times more capacity for intimacy, three times more fairness, acceptance, and tolerance, and three times more love. The whole world changes in an instant and it is all tied to how we handle fear in ourselves.

But let’s not wait for magic. Let’s learn to dance with fear. Here are a few ways to do so: When you feel fearful ask yourself: “What specifically am I telling myself that is creating this fear?” If you can see these thoughts are negative judgments, take five deep slow breaths and bring all your attention back to the present moment. Be present for every perception and every sensation. Repeat this over and over until the fullness of the present moment has filled your senses completely. As soon as your attention moves into the Now, all thoughts and mind-made images will recede and the fearfulness will fade away. Then, if examining your stories suggests that there is an action you can take to properly address what must be done, commit yourself to act immediately.

If the threatening feeling seems to be present without any thoughts to provoke it, then be very alert not to let the fearful feeling cause you to think stories like “My life is not working,” or “Something is wrong with me.” All thoughts born of fear either create more fear or they create imaginary hope, which is another kind of delusion. Instead, keep your full attention in the present and let yourself be spontaneously creative as you breathe into the fearfulness. You can let out sounds, or even dance a silly jig. This lays down new associations and new neural pathways in the brain that short-circuit the conditioned responses to fear.

Keep breathing into the feeling and try not to label it with names like “unsafe” or “terrified.”

Keep breathing into the feeling and try not to label it with names like “unsafe” or “terrified.” At the same time, no matter how familiar the feeling may seem, pretend that you have never felt it before. Naming separates and puts you in the past and in your ego. Transmuting fear requires becoming one with it in the Now. This means also that you must let go of the future: Breathing into fear and dancing with it is not about getting rid of fear or gaining any desired outcome. It is about an unconditional relationship with fear so that fear becomes a doorway instead of a wall.

You can even use the energy of fear with what I call the “Practice of Gratitude.” Instead of dwelling on fearful mental images and thoughts, say “Thank You” for every present-moment perception: the light you see, the colors, all the sounds, smells, and any sensation. Say “Thank You,” even for the feeling of fear itself. Keep expressing gratitude for everything that you are aware of or for anything whatsoever that comes into your mind and soon the fearful sensation will transform and perhaps become softness or even a smile on your face and in your heart.

Living fearwards is something you and I and anyone can do as soon as we decide we would rather live in a loving world. Fear will never go away completely, but your capacity to be with it will grow, and steadily you will become a champion of openness and love.

– Richard Moss is the Maestro of “Deep Work.” He teaches people how to delve deeply into their inner core so they can achieve a life of “Radical Aliveness,” Unconditional Love, and Real Inner Peace. For 37 years, this globally renowned physician-turned-master healer, international bestselling Hay House author, and workshop leader has been guiding people on profound journeys of self-inquiry and self-discovery that have transformed their relationship with themselves, with their loved ones and with the world. Moss’ work, outlined in two of his bestselling books Inside-Out Healing and the Mandala of Being, is centered in helping people achieve present moment awareness-and to clear away the beliefs, habits and thinking patterns that prevent them from living in a hyper-alive, joyful and loving state of being nearly all of the time. For more information and to learn about Richard’s October and November retreats, go to: