Jacqueline Marcell – If I Knew Then What I Know Now

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Life Lessons From Adults To Children
Today’s Guest – Jacqueline Marcell

I Wish I Knew What Sugar Addiction Was When Young

After a lifetime of misery battling my weight (same 30-40#’s again and again), compulsive eating and through every imaginable diet and psychological program known, I have finally solved this issue and it has been the biggest SHOCK OF MY LIFE. It has been over a year now that all my cravings have magically gone away—but only after going through a month of BRUTAL withdrawal—from eliminating all insulin spiking foods: sugars, starches and grains. I had been eliminating them 80% for many years, since my Brst. Cancer in 2004 because I was told sugar feeds cancer, but I still had cravings I just thought were normal. it wasn’t until I immersed myself in studying the science of leptin/insulin/adrenalin resistance and dopamine/serotonin and sugar/carbohydrate addiction that I finally understood what had happened to me. I learned how to go off those foods 100% and get through the withdrawal and get to the other side without drugs. IT IS HEAVEN ON THIS SIDE.

I am so FURIOUS I didn’t know any of this when I was young (numerous doctors and weight loss programs never told me), because I could have had a much happier life and I believe even prevented my cancer. I will never go back to those foods, as I so clearly see them as the poison they are for me. Finally, no white-knuckling determination trying not to eat them, incessant exercising—instead, eating is simply effortless. I am on a mission to spread the importance for people to understand the science of chemical food addiction, which removes the shame of being unable to control yourself.

Additionally, Alzheimer’s is now termed Type 3 Diabetes, so I am doing everything I can to spread this science.

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