Intravenous Vitamin C – Part 2

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qaQ & A With Dr. Michael Wald

Continued from part 1 of this article…..

11. True or False? IVC improves the immunodeficient state in those with interstitial pneumonia, particularly when given along with DHEA and the adrenal hormone cortisol?

ANSWER: True. According to the journal, InVivo.

12. True or False? High doses of vitamin C can promote cell death of liver cancer cells when those cancer cells were placed in rats?


13. True or False? IVC has proven effects with those with advanced cancers?

ANSWER: True. According to the journal, Anticancer Research, IVC is effective against tumor cells and should be reevaluated as an important therapeutic tool.

14. True or False? Low doses of IVC can help diabetics on dialysis who are unresponsive to certain medications?

ANSWER: True. According to the journal, Renal Failure, IVC helps release iron overload in diabetic patients on hemodialysis.

15. True or False? IVC given along with IV immunoglobin is synergistic as an effective therapy for decreasing the progression of experimental autoimmune myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle)?


16. True or False? IV vitamin C acts as a pro-oxidant significantly decreasing growth rates of ovarian, pancreatic and glioblastoma (brain) tumors in mice?

ANSWER: True. Vitamin C may have benefits in cancers with poor prognosis and limited therapeutic options according to the journal, Proc Natal Acad Sei USA.

17. True or False? IVC not only kills pancreatic cancer cells by increasing hydrogen peroxide production in the body, but reduces symptoms of the disease improving quality of life?

ANSWER: True. According to the Journal of Clinical Cancer Research.

18. True or False? According to the Journal of Applied Physiology, IVC abolishes constriction (choking off) of blood vessels in the leg restoring blood fl ow in healthy older men?


19. True or False? High doses of vitamin C induces cell death in all lines of mesothelioma cells (a fatal asbestos caused lung cancer)?

ANSWER: True. Data from a Japanese study suggests that the ascorbic acid (vitamin C) may have benefits for patients with this fatal disease.

20. True or False? As reported by the Department of Family Medicine at a Korean college of medicine, IVC enhances the quality of life of terminal cancer patients?

ANSWER: In terminal cancer patients, the quality of life is as important as a cure and this study shows that IVC improved emotional health, cognitive function, improved fatigue, nausea, vomiting, pain and appetite loss.

– Dr. Michael Wald, Brain-Energy Blast

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