Improving Your Alexa Ranking

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alexalogoAlexa rank is measurement based on the traffic to a website. The lower the number, the better. Highly visited websites get lower numbers. Every website in the world is included so the Alexa rank of a site varies constantly in relation to other website on the Internet. Anything below 100,000 is considered very good. Just recently, it appears Alexa has created a new algorithm, as things have appeared to change with regards to improving your score.

Alexa is one of the leading internet statistics engines. It keeps a “top billion” chart, where every webpage on the planet has its place. Beginning with Google and Facebook, it goes all the way down to the gazillionth site no one knows about.

Why Improve Alexa Ranking?

You may want to increase your Alexa rank because advertisers, ad networkers use it as a gauge to determine the popularity of your blog. So if you are someone who is making money from advertising, you would definitely want to increase your alexa rank as it helps you bargain for an ad price. Alexa rating determines your blog’s status. The higher the ranking of a blog, a growing number of “jobs / tasks” that you will receive, and the more money that flows to your account.

How To Improve Alexa Ranking?

1. Install Alexa Toolbar: It may seem to you as a tried-and-tested tactic to increase your ranking, however, it isn’t. Installing Alexa Toolbar would only track my visits, as the tool bar is installed on my browsers not on my visitor’s browser and it would even make my browsing speed slower. So, logically it doesn’t make sense.

2. Write About Alexa: Write a post related to Alexa. Many bloggers love to learn the tips for improving Alexa rank. They’ll link to you and send you targeted traffic. It will not only help the bloggers who are looking for ways to increase Alexa rank but also it alerts Alexa and their bots will crawl your content as the keyword “Alexa” will repeat up in your blog.

3. Use Alexa Rank Widget: Many blog owners found this tip useful. Placing Alexa Rank Widget in your blog helps a lot as the javascript in the widget should be able to track your visitors, page views etc.

4. Update Your Blog Regularly: Alexa rank automatically improves if you update your blog frequently with good contents. But always remember, it’s not only about quantity, what matters is the quality of the posts you put up on your blog.

5. Get Reviewed On Alexa: Recently, Alexa ended their review section, so this actually no longer an important piece of the puzzle. So, if anyone tells you to get reviews, it will be impossible to accomplish. Below is what many people used to put on their sites to get reviews, but as stated, it no longer exists.

Review on

6. Claim Your Blog: Create an Alexa account or use your existing Facebook account and claim your blog. It helps the Alexa guys to recognize your website and makes you a trusted source of information for the readers.

7. Write your own site reviews on the top 100 rated Alexa sites. The top 500 domains, according to Alexa can be found at:

8. Take an inexpensive ad out on the ExactSeek search directory at ExactSeek. Search engine results are directly correlated with Alexa rankings. You’ll notice that if a website is highly ranked on ExactSeek, chances are that it will be highly ranked on Alexa.

9. Get listed on as many search engines as possible by placing a free listing in DMOZ. This is the largest human edited directory on the web and is co-branded among hundreds of thousands of sites. Be patient though, it often takes up to 5 months before you see your website listed after submission. Even though it takes longer than it should, you have little say in the matter because it’s so widely used across the Internet.