Impacts Of Medical Injury On Victim And His Family

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By Chelsey Lewis

doctorProfession of doctors and medical persons is highly sensitive, and mistakes made by them cannot be accepted. When a person consults some medical man, doctor surgeon or nurse, he expects quality and standard treatment by them. But unfortunately many cases of medical negligence have seen. Faults made by doctors during treatment of their patient turns into serious injuries sometimes leading to death. Due to the medical negligence very simple sickness turns into serious disease which is never even imagined by the patient. All such medical injuries can make life miserable for the victims and their families. Resulting factors of medical injury; pains, sufferings and financial losscan totally change the life of victim and his family.

Medical Injury Types

There are different types of medical negligence practices which result in different serious types of medical injuries. Misdiagnosis is one of the medical negligence, when doctor fails to identify exact extent and type of disease. Late diagnosis and delayed treatment is another medical malpractice. Wrong medication and prescriptions, unneeded surgeries, long term wrong treatment and negligent child birth care are some other types of medical negligence.
All these medical faults can harm patient with severe injury, sickness and even death. Different types of medical injuries resulting due to negligent medical treatment may include brain and spinal cord injury, heart or other organ failure injury, pregnancy related injuries, surgical injuries, beauty treatment injury, diseases gone out of control due to late diagnosis like cancer, hepatitis and tuberculosis and injury due to careless practices by medical staff.

Effects on Victim and his Family

Serious medical malpractices can lead to very distressing and disappointing effects on victim’s life and on life of his family.

* Pain and Suffering: first and major impact person receives is intense pain and extreme sufferings. This state is not only unbearable for the person himself but also for his family. It is possible that you would face major operation or surgery in result of medical negligence.

* Disability: life long disability or deformation can be the result of wrong treatment, injury resulting in amputation or disability of any other body part is devastating for person and his family. It is very depressing for a disabled personeither losing his leg, arm eye or other body part. Being dependent on others is something unendurable.

* Financial Loss: Unexpected serious diseases may totally destroy economy of an average person. Long term treatment processes, required operations, medication and prescriptionsand medical fees and all other costs can bring financial crisis to the person and his family. Moreover economical crisis in the form of loss of earnings and wages is also very serious.

* Fatality: In result of medical injury fatalities of victims have most tragic outcomes. Family of the person would face huge loss if they were totally dependent on victim. Other than loss of financial support, loss of moral support, loss of household help, loss of affection and love are much more significant in case of fatalities.

* Psychological Problems: Psychological problems last for long time and thus are more overwhelming and disturbing. Victim and his family are supposed to pass through most distressing mental trauma for long time.Unexpected anger, extreme frustration, deep depression, and long sleep are some common mental conditions faced by victim of medical negligence.

* Social Impacts: Victim of medical malpractice experiences difficulties in facing society; he lives isolated life, and presumes negative-image for himself and for all others. Medical malpractice brings long term changes in person’s life style, practices and thinking. Victim and his family face failure of all life plans and commitments.

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