How To Unleash Your Creative Energy By Discovering Invisible Dimensions In Art – Part 2

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By Jacqueline Ripstein, the author of The Art of Healing Art – The Keys to Power and Awareness and the creator of the patented Invisible Art and Lighttech.© (pat.1986).

Continued from part 1 of this article…..

seniormanThe Ultra-Violet Ray is called ultra because it goes “beyond our senses. “It is the frequency that connects us between our bodies and our Spirits. In my Invisible Art & Light Technique©, the vibration is an octave higher than the vibration of the violet color, which means: it is beyond the body of the violet color. Because of this, it reaches beyond the visible spectrum. Black light combined with natural light are needed to view my paintings using this technique. Under the black light, viewers can experience the transformation of each painting from an oil-on-canvas depicting the physical world — to an incredibly vibrant painting that, when the lights are dimmed, exposes the non-physical world that surrounds us. Viewers experience a breakthrough to a new path and a new consciousness.

The Vibration of the Ultraviolet or Black Light:

The Ultraviolet or Black light is a space where all colors are manifested, and creates a vastness in unity and harmony. Ultraviolet and Black light go 1/8 the outside of the spectrum that our eyes can see. Interestingly, images only visible in ultraviolet light can be seen by some nocturnal animals. Divine energy can more easily be manifested through the ultraviolet spectrum. The Invisible Art & Light Technique© embodies new forms of expressions that, project images and higher vibrations of the dimensions beyond our physical existence–and all that exists in Higher planes–into “our physical reality.”

These concepts provoke amazing manifestations of creativity in workshops that I teach for both children and adults. Students of all ages experience breath taking insights fueled by their own inspired creativity and enlightened vision. By experiencing “invisible dimensions” students are awakened to new capacity for creative development in multiple sectors of life.

I highly recommend your own exploration into the Invisible dimensions of color and art if you seek to inspire your own creativity.

Jacqueline Ripstein is an internationally renowned Fine Art Artist. She is the author of: The Art of Healing Art – The Keys to Power and Awareness and creator of New Invisible Art techniques including the patented Invisible Art and Lighttech.© (pat.1986). For 38 yrs. she has inspired thousands of people around the world during more than 377 International shows. Various scientists have researched Jacqueline’s art and have concluded that her creative works possess unique high healing properties. In addition to healing, she has advocated for World Peace, and to help raise the human consciousness, through her high vibrational art, books, self- awareness seminars and workshops. Praised by international art critics and collectors, Jacqueline has been working in collaboration with the UN to reach its Eight Millennium Development Goals. Jacqueline is a United Nations ECO SOC representative of the International Association of Educators for World Peace. She has dedicated her life to helping raise human consciousness through her art, as well as motivational and self-awareness books, seminars, and workshops. An advocate for peace, she champions the arts and the creative forces as instruments for world peace.