How To Fall In Love With Working Out

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By Marshall Weber….

Feeling less than enthused at the thought of a workout? Try following these simple steps to stir excitement about hitting the gym.

5 Ways To Fall In Love With Working Out

For some folks, fitness is interesting and fun. Others recognize its importance but would rather be doing anything else. In fact, many people have negative associations with exercise, from finding it boring to downright stressful or scary. Sound familiar?

Perhaps your eyes glaze over every time your sporty coworkers begin discussing things like macro tracking and swapping personal records. Maybe your partner suggested you start working out together, and it sounds like torture. Or maybe you have grand plans of getting into amazing shape—if only the gym didn’t seem so unappealing!

Whatever your personal circumstances might be, one thing is clear: you’re not in love with working out.

There are many reasons why people have negative associations with the gym, and many of them are very personal. But it’s well-known that regular exercise helps keep the mind and body healthy. How to reconcile the two?

Don’t worry. With the right circumstances, anybody can learn to find joy in fitness.

Read on to learn five ways to fall in love with working out. You might just find that this is the beginning of a wonderful new chapter…

1.    Start Small
Rome wasn’t built in a day. Why should your relationship with fitness be any different? If you’re taking the steps to fall in love with working out, you’re likely moving past years, even decades of negative associations with the gym. It might take time to feel safe within the fitness community.

Furthermore, beginner athletes aren’t expected to instantly become Olympians. It’s way better to start out small—even tiny! This can mean making small changes to your daily life, like opting to climb stairs instead of using the elevator, or walking to nearby events rather than driving. It can also mean introducing small, gym-free exercise to your routine, like stretching every morning or taking a nice walk in the evenings.

2.    Buddy Up

Everything feels better with a friend by their side! If exercise feels daunting, or you’re anxious about hitting the gym for the first time, try bringing a friend along. Not only will a gym buddy be a great support system, but it’ll likely make the experience a lot more enjoyable. Plus, once you get into the groove of a fitness routine, you might find that having a workout pal helps you stay motivated and accountable.

3.    Find Your Flow
Some people think they dislike working out, but in reality, they just haven’t found the right routine for their needs. There is not just one way of working out, and the world of fitness is huge.

So, let’s say you balk when you hear your friends talk about waking up at sunrise to hit the gym before work. Maybe a 24-hour gym would be more your style—you can show up whenever you want. Some people actually prefer a late-night workout; it’s quieter and a great way to shake off a long day.

Hate the idea of going to a gym, full-stop? There are still ways for you to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. Some gyms even offer custom virtual training programs, so you can learn proper form from the comfort of your own home!

4.    Follow Your Interests

There’s no need to be prescriptive about exercise. Really, the goal is to be more physically active overall. It helps to think about your hobbies and interests and find ways to bring more movement into them.

If you love nature, perhaps hiking or mountain biking is for you. If your life revolves around your dogs, you could try running with them at the park. Love scrolling TikTok? Try learning some of the dances yourself or with friends. You might connect to these forms of exercise more easily than you would with a “typical” workout routine.

5.    Find Community

When you have a supportive workout community, it’s hard not to fall in love with fitness. For many, this community is forged through fitness classes, which are often offered at gyms. Gyms often offer niche or specific classes, which allow like-minded people to meet others with similar fitness goals. Soon, you might find that your local yoga or HIIT class is the highlight of your week!

Now that you’ve seen these five ways to fall in love with fitness, it’s time to put it into practice. Well done for taking these first steps, and good luck!

The Author

Marshall Weber is a Multi-Certified Personal Trainer and founder of Jack City Fitness, a gym that partners with the average Joes and athletic Pros for health and fitness results. His goal is to help anyone who walks through his doors by understanding their physical and mental condition and dedicating himself to helping them be the best they can be.