How Negative Energy Effects Adults, Teenagers And Children: What We Can Do To Change it – Part 1

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By Bob Livingstone

friendNegative energy has a profound effect on adults, teens and children. People who carry around this adverse attitude can appear to be very powerful to those in their presence. Negative energy is expressed by put downs of you or your friends. These comments are stated either directly to you or behind your back. The comments may be an accurate description of how this person feels or they may be made up in order to accelerate drama.

Negative energy can also be expressed by him not participating in a discussion with you. You will try to get him to talk by asking questions, but he will either ignore you or make comments like, “Whatever”, “I don’t care about that” or “ I’m not interested in that.” He can also express his displeasure by giving you the silent treatment and making believe that you don’t really exist. These folks often do not share much enthusiasm about anything or anyone. They tend to be sullen and agitated.

There are several reasons why negative energy is experienced by many as overwhelming and frightening. In our society, the message we get is that in order to succeed, we must be better than others. Therefore this mindset creates an unhealthy competition which leads to put downs of others. It does not enhance a spirit of cooperation.

We spend lots of time watching television whose popular reality shows specialize in the humiliation of the species. We are very influenced by this and learn that humiliating others is the cool thing to do. We think that this is funny when in reality, it is hurtful to the human race.

The news on television has talking heads trying to articulate their position on issues of the day while belittling the opposition; making them appear to be a lesser life form. We learn that making light of other’s view point is desired even though it may be devastating to those who are on the receiving end.

Those folks who are filled with negative energy have their own set of issues. They usually don’t have much self-confidence and don’t feel that they are physically attractive, smart or talented. Therefore they make fun of others in an effort to elevate their own sorry vision of themselves.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article…..

Bob Livingstone is the author the critically acclaimed Unchain the Pain: How to be Your Own Therapist, Norlights Press 2011, The Body Mind Soul Solution: Healing Emotional Pain through Exercise, Pegasus Books, 2007 and Redemption of the Shattered: A Teenager’s Healing Journey through Sandtray Therapy, Booklocker 2002. He is a psychotherapist, licensed clinical social worker in private practice in The San Francisco Bay Area and has nearly twenty five years experience working with adults, adolescents and children.