How Does Smartphone Addiction Affect Teen Health?

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By Susan Brown

smartphoneTeenage years are recognized as an age of both learning and confusion. It is a growing stage where teens undergo various changes in their life both mentally and physically. Most often, in this phase of life, teens suffer from some severe situations when they feel that they are alone and they cannot discuss their problems with anybody. They may be experiencing internal or external pressure due to involvement in some unwanted activities on the computer, teenage pregnancy, drug dependency…. etc. Bullying and child abuse are also among the hateful effects that some teens have to contend with on a daily basis.

According to the recent survey, it has been observed that most of the problems linked with teenagers are originated due to the over usage of smartphones and internet. Earlier generations did not have these problems as they do today. This may be due to the fact earlier generations had less or no access to the smart phones and internet. But nowadays, all of us are addicted to the online world. Teens and even parents today cannot avoid looking at their cell phones.

Whatsapp messages! Facebook conversations! Photos sharing! Photos posting! Comments! and much more to check every minute on the phone screens is nothing more than addiction. This thing also affect the studies of children because they waste their precious study hours on their cell phones. This addiction does not allow teens to put their phones away and go for some outdoor healthy activity. They avoid walking or exercise, and somehow if you send them for any such activity, they keep their cell phones with them.

Of course, you want your child to be healthy, but for this you cannot take away their mobile phones from them. You have to find a smart solution. Here, are some tips for you:

* Allow internet access only at pecific areas of your home: It is better to give an internet access to the kids in their study rooms only. This will limit them to the internet usage. Also check whether they are doing their studies properly.

* Do not allow phone usage while dining: Make a tradition that nobody is allowed to sit at the dinner table with their cell phones. At least, with this practice, teens can have complete diet which they otherwise may not take while busy with their cell phones.

* Teach your kids about the ill effects of overuse of mobiles: Tell real stories to your teens which have ruined the lives of many people due to the poor usage of mobiles and internet as well.

* Set a healthy routine for your child: It is highly advisable to make a healthy routine for your child. Instruct them strictly to go for a regular walks or exercise. Your child will definitely follow this regularly if start following.

* Use child monitoring software: Above all, the best thing is to use child monitoring software like Spymaster Pro that provides you every minute detail of your teen including his whatsapp chatting hours to call logs, from photos to location visited and much more. This will completely solve your problems and allow you to keep a close eye on your kid’s activity.

– Susan Brown has been writing articles on the technology from last 3 years. She is currently writing articles for Spymaster Pro, a cell phone monitoring software. The main idea is to assist the parents by keeping track of their kid’s activities.

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