Healthy Tip # 153

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Another healthy tip courtesy of Sadie Nardini

Easy Morning Mini Cleanse:

When it comes to tackling your health goals, as well as showing up for your daily responsibilities, there’s a quick, simple way to gain energy and feel your best: The Hot Lemon Detox. First thing in the morning, brew a teacup of hot water. Squeeze in the juice of one lemon, add honey if needed. Lemon is one of the only aionic foods, which means it’s extremely cleansing and good for your filter organs and digestive system, so you’ll instantly feel more awake, clear and alive–yep, even first thing in the

Morning Wake Up Yoga:

yogaposeEach night when you sleep, your body creates fuzz, or connective tissue, all over your muscles and joints.In time, this can limit your range of motion. We call this aging but in reality, it’s a lack of fuzz-busting. For the New Year, make a commitment to keep your body strong and open to tackle all your brand new fitness and other goals.

The Move: Breath of Freedom

* Come out of bed, stand on the floor. Bend your knees like you’re sitting in a chair.

* Inhale, open your arms wide behind you, arch the chest.

* Exhale, Round your back, and hug arms around yourself.

* Repeat 10 times, then clasp hands behind you and fold forward over straighter legs for 10 breaths. Roll up and start your day, free from the

Sadie Nardini, host of Veria Living TV’s ‘Rock Your Yoga’, and author of the upcoming book 21-Day Yoga Body with Random House.