Health Threats caused By Low Hygiene

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By Silvia Marks

washhandsThere are a number of health threats, which can be caused by low hygiene. So keeping your body clean by regularly washing your hands, face and body, can protect you from the bacteria, microbes and allergens, waiting to penetrate in it, causing threats for your health. Regular and good washing of your fingernails, fingertips and face with soap and other cleaning products, will eliminate any possible infection. Also keeping your home disinfected and well sanitized, will make sure the bacteria and the source of diseases and contaminations, will be prevented.

There are a large number of diseases everybody can capture as a results of a bad hygiene. Some of them are:

* acne

* allergies and asthma

* progressive dementia

* athlete’s foot

* arthritis

* colds and influenzas

* diabetes

* measles

* pneumonia

* worms

Bacteria grows under the skin of the people, who have acne. Scratching and rubbing with dirty hands can cause more problems, bringing more microbes to the already infected area. Many of the microbes under our fingernails contain staphylococcus and eggs of different worms, which can infect us and cause allergies and asthma. Facial cleaning and overall hygiene ends this allergic reaction immediately.

The only reason for progressive dementia is the not good functioning of the immune system. The Athlete’s foot is caused by fungus, transmitted with our fingernails from feet to other skin areas, infecting them with it. Infectious and rheumatoid arthritis are inflicted again by microbes, which can be stopped by proper hygiene. Colds and influenzas are not so often caught when sneezing and coughing, as they are when we touch our nose frequently in the day. Cold germs and bacteria live better in the nose, because it has the environment they prefer and they easily enter the body through the nasal canal. Diabetics are threatened by the repeated infections. Cleaning their hands and body with soap, disinfects it and prevents the circle to continue.

femalewashingfaceMeasles can be quite dangerous for adults and not so much for children. Constant scratching and touching the infected areas in your body help spreading the bacteria. The disease can be controlled with thorough and often cleaning of your hands and fingernails with soap. Though it won’t heal it, this will stop it of getting worse. Pneumonia is another dangerous illness, which left unresolved leads to sure death. It is triggered after or together with other respiratory illnesses. This shows that preventing and curing colds and influenzas, you can protect yourself from this silent killer. Again this can be done with perfect hygiene.

Most people has caught worms at least once in their life. It is not easy to get infected, especially in the childhood years. The eggs of worms can penetrate our bodies when touching different people and things through our mouth, nose and eyes. The worms take away the energy of the infected person, taking away the nutrients and interfering the body tissue. The best way to protect ourselves from worm infection is washing off their eggs and don’t letting them penetrate our bodies.

There are a number of other diseases and infections, which can be stopped, before it becomes too late. Regular cleaning of our hands, fingernails, face and the whole body, using plain soap can prevent most health threats and worsening of some illnesses. In this list are AIDS, varicella, dandruff, circulatory problems, hormonal dis-balance, many skin problems and many others. Regular cleaning and washing of our hands and fingernails, which are the most carrier of the bacteria, microbes and sources of infections, makes sure we stay protected from many health threats. These simple measures we keep daily can save us from very dangerous health attacks. Low hygiene is the main reason for plenty of health problems and can lead to serious body damaging. Keeping your body clean ensures you a long life and a healthy body.

– This article is written on behalf of SparklingCarpets