Hair Loss Vitamins And Nutrition

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By Julia Rachels

vitaminsCan hair loss be attributed to nutrition or a deficiency of a certain vitamin? Yes, it certainly can. There are hair loss vitamins or perhaps a natural hair regrowth supplement that can be taken in order to prevent and halt hair loss, as well as regrow hair that has been lost. Losing one’s hair is more than just a vanity issue; it has been attributed to serious health issues such as coronary heart disease. Baldness is not a natural occurrence; with the right blend of natural vitamins you can essentially return your body to health and in turn cure your baldness.

What are these natural hair loss vitamins? One should never trust anything blindly; it should be through proper research. The first vitamin that can help you grow your hair is vitamin A; it is not only important for the healthy growth of hair, but of bones, teeth, and nails. It is essential for the skin, vision, and the proper functioning of one’s immune system. Vitamin C is another vitamin that will prove helpful in your battle against hair loss. It will take care your gums and teeth along the way, as well as improve your immune system. Vitamin C is also required for the production of collagen, which is important for the skin. Some medical theorists have associated a decrease of collagen to hair loss.

Vitamin E is another vitamin that is necessary to overcome hair loss; it is an antioxidant. Why is an antioxidant important to you? It protects you from free radicals in your body, called toxins. Toxins have been directly associated with hair loss. Thiamine or B1 is another important ingredient that you must take; it is a powerful anti-aging supplement that is known to grow thick and lustrous hair. It can reverse the damage done by a deficiency in your diet, or the damage that can be caused by eating a diet which is rich in sugar. Riboflavin is associated with healthy skin; healthy skin will reverse any damage done to the scalp skin.

Niacin, Vitamin B-16, Folsic Acid, Chromium and Vitamin B-12 are all associated with an internal rejuvenation and proper metabolism that creates a healthy transferring of nutrients into your body.

Niacin, Vitamin B-16, Folsic Acid, Chromium and Vitamin B-12 are all associated with an internal rejuvenation and proper metabolism that creates a healthy transferring of nutrients into your body. These are vital components to the overall health of a person, and it will have a positive effect on anyone person suffering from hair loss. Biotin, is one of the most famed ‘hair’ vitamins on the market. It is known for healthy growth, hair loss prevention, and it is a wonderful natural hair regrowth supplement. Just as the group of vitamins aforementioned, Biotin is involved in the metabolism of the body and production of proteins, yet it is also a vital component in the maintenance of hair, bone marrow, skin, and sex glands.

Magnesium and Zinc are both essential for the health of all cells in your body, which makes them quite the pair when it comes to the overall health of one’s body. Hair loss is associated with a body that is not healthy. One more thing to mention is that a slight imbalance in the nervous system has been related to hair loss. The balance relies on some of the vitamins mentioned and the right amount of Panthonic Acid, which regulates the nervous system.

Other factors that may be contributing to your hair loss can be easily prevented. Is your water free of chlorine and heavy metals? You can buy water filters to make sure that you are not being harmed by your water. Take a look at your shampoos; what type of ingredients does it have? Most brand shampoos are full of toxins that can lead to hair loss and baldness. Losing one’s hair, again is not a natural thing that happens with time; it is a sign of a true health issue and a natural solution is necessary not just for your hair but for your body.

– Guest Author Julia Rachels is very passionate about heath issues, especially about hair loss. I wish to share my thoughts and experienced in hair loss by sharing proven and clinically tested products because both men and women can experience this scary incidence of hair loss, hair thinning and baldness. In my case, I thought I was going bald but successfully overcame it when I tried using Reloxe.