Guest Post – Simon Hopes, What Are Some Ways To Keep Fit While Working Long Hours At A Job?

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workdeskPeople that work long hours often find themselves with no extra time for working out to keep fit. Not only can decreased exercise lead to a poorer physical body, but it may also take a toll on someone’s mental health as well. However, if one maintains a simple exercise regimen alongside eating healthy whilst at work, they may find themselves staying trim and they will also have more energy throughout the work day.

Lunch Break

When it’s time for that lunch break, people should go out and have a break; usually office workers are forced to sit at their desk for long periods of time without fresh air or exercise. The human body was not designed to sit for long hours at a time confined in a chair. It is important that an individual get up at break time, stretch their legs and take a walk to get lunch; they may also bring a bagged lunch if

The human body was not designed to sit for long hours at a time confined in a chair.

preferred. Whatever meal they bring, it is important to remember to take a walk so that the person is able to get some fresh air, sunlight and to stretch their legs. This will also help give them more energy when getting back to work so they’re not as tired when working. These techniques may also apply to other workforce jobs other than desk sitting jobs. However, active jobs where people are standing on their feet and moving throughout the day typically get an ample amount of exercise. Although it is still beneficial for them to get some fresh air and sunlight on their lunch break.

Simple Exercises

There are also simple gym exercises that one may incorporate into their daily routine at work. These simple exercises can be performed whilst sitting at a desk, or on a call, if the individual is performing light exercises. This will help to keep individual’s fit, and trim while still at work. Exercises that one may try are push-ups, sit-ups, lunges around their desk, calf-raises, wide-grip push-ups, and other various light weight exercises that may be performed in a small space.

Eating Right

saladIt is important for someone working all day long at a desk, or cubicle to remember to eat the right foods. It is very tempting and easy to bring or purchase oily potato chips, or foods high in saturated-fats and sugars. While these foods may give a temporary energy boost, they will ultimately cause the individual to suffer from a sugar crash due to the contents of the food. Afterwards, people tend to get drowsy and may end up eating more junk food to liven up. This is why it is beneficial to eat healthy foods at lunch, and when snacking to have healthy snacks. This can include things such as apples, bananas, orange slices, carrot sticks, celery wedges or other healthy choices. Not only are healthy choices better for the body, they will also help to keep the person lean and give them longer lasting energy throughout the work day.

– Simon Hopes is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. His blog focuses on Internet Service.