Guest Post – Curtis Kessinger, Success In A Second

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successHow long does it take to make a decision? Sixty seconds? Ten seconds? Maybe only one second. Since success starts with a decision, one second is all it takes to be successful in any area of your life.

Are you happy with all areas of your life? There’s no reason for you to settle for a life that you don’t want. What areas of your life would you like to change? If things need to change then they need to change, and only you can change them. It’s your decision. Don’t wait for anyone else to make decisions for you. If you do then they’re in control of your success.

You may not realize it, but you make decisions every day that impact what happens in your life and the lives of others.

You may not realize it, but you make decisions every day that impact what happens in your life and the lives of others. Your daily decisions either push you closer to success or push you further away. You must become aware of the decisions you make so that you make decisions to be successful, because success doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a choice.

yesnoTaking action is a key to success and it’s also a decision. The difference between successful people and everyone else is their ability to make a decision and act on it. Do you want to eat healthier or not? Yes or no? Choose yes and then take action immediately. Do you want to get in better physical shape? Yes or no? Choose yes and immediately go for a walk. Do you want to work on your side business or watch television? Do you want to write your book or play video games? Whatever you want to do or change in your life takes one second to make the right decision. Don’t put it off until tomorrow or next week or next month. Take action now!

Everyone is looking for the secret to success, but there is no secret. There is no secret path, no secret formula, no magic bullet, and no magic dust to sprinkle over the top of you.

The only secret is that there is no secret. The good news is that it doesn’t take superhuman ability to be successful. Success isn’t reserved for the most talented, best looking, smartest, wealthiest, youngest, those with all the connections, certain gender, hair, eye or skin color, etc. It doesn’t matter if you failed in the past or were unsuccessful your entire life, because today is a different day. You have never been through this day before. It’s a brand new day. Whatever you want to happen today can happen, once you decide.

I know your dreams are sitting inside your head. Do you want them to stay inside your head or are you ready to go after them? Your life changes the instant you make different decisions and take different actions compared to what you did in the past. It‘s time to start living the life you want to live. Decide right now! It only takes one second.

– Curtis Kessinger is the Founder of Success Minded Coaching ( and author of the success book “The Ultimate You: Achieving Greatness” available on Amazon.

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