Guest Post – Cammi Balleck, 3 Rules For Feeding Your Kids

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strawberriesTrying to be the best parent for your children is a tough job and feeding them properly can make it even more challenging. It is true, garbage in garbage out. What you feed your child becomes what makes up their cells. While most parents recognize the importance of good nutrition for their child’s well-being, many need some practical tips to make it happen. Here are 3 rules that will help you with child’s nutrition and health.

1. Show them how. orangesThe better you eat as a parent the better your child will eat. Have real food in the house. Have fruit and veggies at every meal. Try to have a variety of colors and flavors at every meal and snack. Your job is to serve healthy food and have healthy food in the pantry. It is your job, not your child’s, to decide what they are going to eat. You should be eating the healthy food right along with them, so they see it as a good thing, it’s going to be hard to teach your kids if you don’t do it also. Try not to have fast foods except when you are really in a pinch. Make every meal and snack with a protein and vegetable. Add but don’t hide good nutrition in their food, show your child that it is in there for their health. Hiding a food does not teach your child to like healthy food, and it is not beneficial in the long run. For example add greens to your scrambled eggs and apples to your tuna fish. Teach your child that fruit is a dessert. Consider asking questions such as “what fruit do you want with your lunch?” or, “what vegetables should we have for dinner?” A great snack can be an apple with peanut butter on it. A good dinner is any meat with a steamed vegetable with it.

2. Relax and Keep it fun. healthyeatingboyTry to include your kids in the shopping, making, and serving of good food. If your child doesn’t like a food or spits it out, that is normal. Don’t give up, just serve it again in a few days. Try not to bribe your child with dessert, make the whole meal exciting. Remember that eating meals together is about family time. A child that is comfortable at the dinner table will eat more and enjoy new foods.

3. Experiment! greenpeppersYou may be surprised by what your child will eat. Be creative and listen to their thoughts on food combinations, sometimes what we think as a crazy food combinations may appeal to your kid. Remember to keep an open-mind and be determined to have the whole family eat well. And finally make sure your diet includes protein, whole grains, whole fruits and vegetables, and good fats, such as olive oil and real butter, never margarine.

Cammi Balleck, Ph.D, is a leading Happy Hormone Doctor. She specializes in teaching how to unleash your happy hormones and nutrition. She graduated in 2003 with a Doctorate Degree in Naturopathic Health. Cammi has been the owner of the successful Elite Wellness Center since. She has also been a Director at Colorado Northwestern Community College since 2007. Cammi’s passions are helping everyone improve their health, in addition to finding their full potential, accepting who they are and helping others live happy, healthy, whole lives. More information can be found at /

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