Five Personal Hygiene Habits Your Kid Must Have

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By Terrie Dawson

washhandsHygiene facilitates good health and prosperity. Every generation passes on some habits to the next generation to promote hygiene. It also increases social acceptance as unhygienic people are regarded as unhealthy for the society. Often parents start off with the education early on with their kids which in itself is a good practice. Though there is a long list of habits that must be inculcated but here we will talk about 5 most vital personal hygiene habits that your kids must have.

Take a look:

Hand wash

The careless attitude is the cause behind majority of infections (gastro and colds). Kids lay their hands on a lot of contaminated places and eat with the same hands without washing them. The first and the foremost hygiene habit that every kid must practice is to wash hands before eating and after coming from outside. It is also important that they follow the right technique. They should use an antibacterial soap or a hand wash, lather and then rinse for about 15 seconds starting from wrists to the nails. This drains off the potential germs.


Bathing should be followed like an everyday ritual. Bathing not only checks bad body odor but it also protects them from many diseases. There should be regular bath time. Many kids can shower on their own from the age of five. Parents can supervise so that they clean themselves well. The teenage is the most vulnerable age. With the anatomical changes happening to the life getting active, the teen’s body goes through a lot. Infections thus become commonplace. Athletic teens may encounter some fungal or bacterial infections, it is important that they control the spread by using best anti-bacterial or anti-fungal body soap. Regular hair-wash is also essential to check any dirt and germ build-up.

Brushing teeth

brushteethBrushing facilitates a fresh breath, checks gum diseases and is good for your pocket as well, I mean no dentist required. Sometimes it’s difficult to make kids brush their teeth. Parents must tell them how bad breath can make their friends shoo off. This will motivate them. Flossing for a minimum of three minutes and swishing with clean water will furnish a healthy smile. Brushing at night will check the bacterial growth by night which may be caused due to the food particles remaining in the mouth, if kept unclean.

Cover sneeze and cough

Sneezing and coughing in an appropriate manner is a good practice as doing the same at somebody’s face may annoy him. Therefore, it is important that the kids learn to block the passage with the elbow if there is no tissue available. It would be even better if they wash their hands using an antibiotic soap.

Hygiene of the genital parts

Both the girls and boys must keep their genital parts clean. This becomes even more important when the hormonal changes kick off during the puberty stage. Even before they enter this stage, they must know the importance of changing their inner garments regularly and keeping the parts clean and dry. Keeping them wet for long can cause fungal infections. Though using anti-fungal body soap may help, but prevention is better than cure. Hence personal hygiene habits are recommended.

Remember, kids learn from their elders. Therefore lead by example. Parents must practice these personal hygiene habits by themselves so that the kids learn and follow them.

– Terrie Dawson is a freelance writer by profession and fitness enthusiast at heart. Her passion is to encourage others to rediscover their lifestyle and get inspired for organic living. She is a contributor at Defense antifungal body soap which advocates curing skin problems. Besides this she contributes for various online health publications that mainly cover health guides, fitness and yoga.