Burning Calories

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healthywordsIf you’re like most people you probably associate burning calories with a grueling workout. But did you know your body actually burns calories 24/7? The calories burned outside the gym matter just as much for health benefits and long-term weight maintenance as the calories burned within the gym walls. Additionally, studies show that people grossly overestimate the amount of calories burned from their workout.

We live on a 24-hour clock. Each hour gives you an opportunity to burn fat. Giving you all the more reason to incorporate these simple calorie-burning calories into your daily routine. Try these 5 tips and burn more calories.

* Swap your morning oatmeal for an omelet – This simple swap can affect the way your body metabolizes food, and boost calorie burn by upwards of 50 calories.

* Move throughout your workday – Instead of just sitting and staring at your computer screen, go on a walk. Just 45 minutes can burn up to 300 calories.

* Stand while you work – Modern society revolves around sitting. We sit at our desk, in the car, on the couch, and at the dinner table. Next time you are on the phone stand up, you could burn an extra 300 calories.

* Take the stairs – the thought of climbing stairs may sound daunting, but it’s a great way to burn more calories. You can burn anywhere between 4 and 7 calories per flight.

* Drink more green tea – this drink is shown to wakeup metabolism and give your body antioxidants that can bolster the fight against cellular damage

By utilizing these simple tips, it is possible to raise your non-workout calorie burning without dramatically disrupting your daily habits. Noticeable change can come from small, yet consistent changes. Adding these little tweaks to your routine and ignite a calorie inferno that will accelerate you towards your weight loss goals.

– Submitted by Allison Kim of bodybuilding.com.