Break The Cycle Of Un-Resolving Your Fitness Resolve Every Year

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By Anne Pennington

womantwistingAre you scared of the fact that this time also you will carry on your cycle of breaking your fitness resolution? If is it so, make sure you do not repeat it this time. When resolution is about being healthy and taking care of yourself, there is no choice with you of breaking it. Here are a few tips that can help you:

Best start on Mondays

To get started, do not make a resolution on 31st December or 1st January, just make a plan and start following it from the coming Monday. This way, you will be prepared mentally to carry out your resolution efficiently. Moreover Monday’s are famous for carrying out any new endeavor either it’s health related or work related. It worked for me, I hope it does for you as well.

Prepare yourself mentally

It is very important that you are mentally prepared for becoming fit. If you make up your mind and clear your intentions about working out and eating healthy, no one can stop you. Indulge your friends. Ask them to make you realize it every third day and point out if your going against your plan.

Chuck out any alternative

Meaning, you fall back on your objectives when you have a plan B, you do not put in enough efforts. Having a backup plan is likely to make your resolution a failure as you think otherwise. So, do yourself a favor by avoiding it.

Play a bet with your friend

It has been found that people who bet for completing their new year fitness resolution lost 14 more pounds than those who did not indulge in any monetary deals. You set goals and the amount, you will pay your friend for not completing your tasks per week. Moreover, money can be a biggest motivation towards achieving your goals. When you know you will be getting a cash reward if you fulfill your target, you won’t skip your routine.

Break your goals into small parts

Achieving your goal by working whole year can be quite overwhelming. You don’t understand where to start. So, break your goals on weekly or monthly basis, it makes it easier to achieve your goal and is more gratifying. For instance, you want to loose some 40 pounds this year and want to achieve a perfect muscles. Break it by losing 1 pound every week and increasing your workout every other week.

Learn to deal with temptations

How will you ignore that piece of your favorite cake or your favorite sugar filled beverage? By practicing obviously, leave that place where you see such temptations and if in a party, some friend tease you, ignore and head for some healthy snack. Keep reminding yourself —how bad this is for your health. If you lose your mind in such situations, there are many such apps, that keep your calorie count recorded.

Keep a track of your progress

Keep tracking your progress consistently. It acts as a major motivation tool in the direction of achieving your goal. Suppose, when you record your weight after one week and you find out that you lost 2 kg in just one week, you will be self motivated to work more towards it. Your progress scream out loudly—Yes! You can do it! And so you will.

Stick to your routine

For any activity to become a habit, it takes 21 days and 6 months for it to become the part of your personality, claim experts. So, stick to your routine for a long time, nothing happens overnight, be patient and persistent.

Don’t stop trying

seniorexerciseEven if you run out of of steam in keeping your resolution by February, don’t lose hope. Restart it all over again and recommit yourself within next 24 hours. It will take a little time to be on the track again.

Use Your Willpower

Using your willpower wisely can lead you through many obstacles. Willpower is like a muscle that also need time to rest and recover after being used enough. Therefore, it makes hard for you to stick to your goals. So, try to do challenging tasks of all day in the morning itself, when your willpower is fresh and active.

Perseverance is another quality that you need to have in order to convert your daily routine into a habit. Carry your routine continuously for atleast 90 days, after that, you can be lenient with yourself.

– Anne Pennington is a passionate blog writer and loves to share her own views on various interests. Recently she is working for which is a blogging site cover all topics and issues for healthy weight loss. She also contributes to various healthy online publications. When she’s is not educating her readers with her writings, she’s most likely educating herself by reading her favorite stuff.