Bedroom TV Ups Obesity Risk In Kids

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From Your Health Journal…..”A study was completed that found children with a television in their bedroom had a higher risk of becoming obese. The study found that participants with a TV in the bedroom and those who watched TV more than two hours a day were each associated with up to 2.5 times the odds of the highest levels of fat mass. This makes sense as children love to snuggle up in bed at night and watch some TV, many without their parents even knowing. On top of this, they have access to many other types of technology to keep them busy. Many decades ago, I started a program called Commercial-cizing (See more about this at bottom of page) to help kids exercise while they watched TV, so this problem has been around for years.”

From the article…..

Children watching TV in bedrooms might have greater chances of becoming obese, says a US study.

A team from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Los Angeles linked the relationship between watching TV in bedrooms and childhood obesity, especially larger waists.

“The established association between TV and obesity is predominantly based on BMI (Body Mass Index which is height-to-weight ratio). The association between TV and fat mass, adiposity stored in specific depots (including abdominal subcutaneous and visceral adipose tissue) and cardiometabolic risk, is less well understood,” says lead investigator Peter T. Katzmarzyk, from Pennington.

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About Commercial-cizing

The amount of overweight or obese children has significantly gone up over the last couple of decades. It is fair to state there are many children all over the world that have become very sedentary. They sit in front of the television, work on the computer, play video games, or read too many comics. To be honest, most of us are probably guilty of this once in a while, although, we should try to exercise every day!

So, here was the dilemma. The children who watch over 20 hours of TV per week were most likely not getting the recommended amount of daily exercise. How do you get them to exercise without taking away their television privileges?

Realistically, some parents should probably cut the amount of TV time down about 50%. The problem is; who is going to monitor this if both parents are working late, and the child is responsible for their own actions when they come home? There has to be a way to get children to exercise while they watched television. Did you realize that every 8-10 minutes most channels were devoted to commercial time? How about if a child committed to exercise every time a new commercial came on the TV? Thus, the phrase ‘Commercial-CIZE’ was born. Children should pick realistic exercise goals to perform during commercials. Acceptable guidelines should be created between adult and child. The impact will be amazing.