8 Steps To Staying Healthy In The Winter Season

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By Stephanie Ingram

jogsnowThe sudden drops in temperature take its toll via flu and cold during winter. Though it’s impractical to think to avoid the changes, precautions may aid in avoiding the sniffing all the time. Winter needs specific strategies to boost energy and feel hale and hearty throughout the season. Prevention is the best strategy to go through the flu season prolifically. There is no need to take all those antibiotics and other medications in order to live well in cold season. It’s not much hard to avoid that sort of despair that spreads around with winter. Enjoy the time of celebration and holidays safely with some simple steps to staying healthy.

1. Consuming Vitamin C

Boosting the intake of vitamin C is an utmost demand of cold season. The importance of vitamin C is commonly known but people overlook it often. Vitamin C enhances the immune system and its anti oxidant benefits the asthmatic persons specifically. All citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C and the antioxidant properties slow down the rate of oxidation. Vitamin C aids in reducing the hazards of common cold, chest infections, lung infections, pneumonia, bronchitis etc.

2. Drinking Water

Drink ample amount of water in winter too. People feel less thirsty in cold season but it doesn’t mean that your body doesn’t need it. Keeping yourself hydrated is imperative throughout the season in order to allow your bodily functions working well. Don’t let the cold season lessen your required water intake.

3. Exercising Regularly

Regular exercising keeps you fit, active and healthy throughout the year. It reduces the count of sick days. Workout should be included in daily routine in order to keep a healthy body and strong immune system.

4. Going Out

Going out in snow and cold may feel out of the context but believe me going out in winter is also in favor of your health. It’s healthy and effective to come out from the hibernation mode and walk out for breathing in fresh air. It’s effective in burning more calories as your body needs to work more to stay warm. Don’t forget to put on extra layers of clothing.

5. Sleeping Enough

SleepingWomanAdequate sleep is imperative throughout the year and specifically it aids in preventing winter blues. The body becomes vulnerable to illnesses if not get 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily. Your immune system affects by your mood which is directly related to getting sufficient rest. Relaxation makes you feel better and enhances the strength to go through in hand chores.

6. Moisturizing More
Cold and chilled breezes take off the glow and shine of the skin. Following a moisturizing routine is too essential to prevent the irritated and unsightly skin conditions. Moisturize too often in order to retain the skin freshness and shine.

7. Eating Well

Eating well balanced diet is also a particular need to stay healthy in winter season. Consume a combination of fruits, veggies, herbs, spices, nuts, grains and lean meat to get essential nutrients. All menus should contain fiber rich carbs, fresh veggies, quality protein and essential fatty acids.

8. Dressing Appropriately

Winter wears play a big part in keeping you safe and healthy during winter. Dropped temperature needs you to dress appropriately in order to keep your body warm. In snowy areas proper dressing aids in preventing hypothermia and frost bite.

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