4 Ways Poor Hygiene Inhibits Your Social Life

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By Ion Doaga

femalewashingfaceWhat comes to your mind when you think about hygiene?

It’s probably a set of habits like washing hands, teeth brushing, and clean dressing, all aiming to maintain good health, prevent germ spreading and infecting other people. That’s right, but not entirely.

Hygiene isn’t only about personal health. It’s also about the health of the people surrounding you. That’s how great leaders build their relationships. They are very selective to whom they invite into their inner circle. They build win-win relationships, where everybody can share and learn valuable experiences.

Safety is the basis on which successful relationships are built. All candidates, without being informed, are going through an appearance-control where access is restricted to everyone with bad hygiene, because they can serve the development of diseases.

So, before trying to get someone’s attention make sure you don’t do the below mistakes.

Hand washing: let’s imagine you are at Starbucks, waiting for your ordered breakfast. Meanwhile, the waiter comes out of the toilet, wraps your order and handles it to you. Let’s assume that he didn’t wash his hands, and you know about that. Would you still eat that? You’ll feel somewhat uncomfortable about it. Right?

It’s a well-known fact, that not washing your hands after using the toilet, taking the bin out or sneezing may spread germs and infect the people through hand shaking, or handing them food, money or any other object.

When someone notices that you’re not used to wash your hands properly, it raises the red flags for them.

brushteethTeeth brushing: your smile represents you. An attractive smile may predispose, while an unattractive smile may turn you off.

If you don’t brush your teeth, they are likely to become discolored, get cavities and possibly fall out. A smile like this isn’t going to benefit you when you’ll want to impress someone. Not to mention the situation when you speak out and the person smells your bad breath. This is an epic fail.

Bath regularly: bathing keeps your body clean, fresh and odor free. Ignoring showering with shampoo and soap causes bacteria expansion on your body. It settles in the moisturized and hairy parts of the body, which are perfect environments for its development. When it gets in contact with sweat your body eliminates an unpleasant body odor.

Bad body odor isn’t helping you at building relationships. To prevent disturbing people make sure your body is clean and fresh. For improved confidence use a deodorant.

Wear clean clothes: Don’t wear the same clothes for too long. Clothes worn the second day are dirtier than yesterday. They soak the moisture of your body and smell bad, and also get stained, dirty and look bad.

It’s a complete fail showing up in public wearing dirty clothes. This shows your disrespect towards their community. Secondly, it leaves the impression of a careless man about you. And these two circumstances aren’t doing you any favor in building relationships.

Personal grooming: aim to present yourself in the best possible way. The way you look, dress and feel speaks volumes about your character, and how people perceive you.

Personal grooming isn’t just for wealthy people. Anyone can look polished. You need to put a little extra time in your appearance and you’ll look a successful man. Embrace personal hygiene habits, style your hair and dress better. This improves your self-esteem and confidence.

That’s why, apparently more beautiful people, don’t get the opportunities that others have. That’s because well groomed and healthy people are better perceived by the society.

– Ion Doaga is a former athlete who writes on his blog Wellness Owners where he writes about removing the frustration out of living healthier.