10 Moments Your Kids Will Love To Look Back On – Part 1

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familyfunAs you fill the entries in your child’s online journal over the years, you’ll likely find that they are comprised of a mix of memories that are both interesting and mundane. Some will be nothing more than a quick note telling about a random day, whereas others will commemorate large-scale events that immediately take you and your child back to a particular time and place. There are certain moments your children will love looking back on years down the road, whether it’s a memory they possess or something that happened that has slipped away from them over time. Throughout your journaling, be sure to include these ten different moments in time.

Their Birth – While your child won’t remember anything from their actual birth day, they’ll never tire of looking through pictures and recounts of the day they entered the world. In addition to pictures, be sure to include pertinent information, such as their birth stats, the doctor who delivered them and the hospital where they were born. Chronicle who came to visit, memorable details of the day and the emotions you felt throughout the experience.

Birthday Parties – Every kid has a soft spot for their own birthday, and having an array of pictures from each birthday party over the years will help retell their life story. As each birthday approaches ask your child a variety of questions that capture the year, such as who their best friend is, what their favorite color is, what their favorite food is and what they most like to do with their time. This is a great way for your child to see their own evolution over throughout the years.

familywalkWeekends with Grandparents – Whether your kids are lucky enough to see their grandparents on a regular basis or only get to see them a handful of times each year, it’s important to document as many of these visits as possible. Since grandparents are only in our lives for a fleeting amount of time, having photographs of the time your kids spent with them as well as details from each adventure they went on together will preserve some of their time spent with you and your partner’s parents.

Family Vacations – Family vacations are usually a mix of over the top excitement and exasperation. They also provide some of the best memories for kids, so it’s important to immortalize the time you spend taking family vacations in your child’s online journal. From Disney Land to the Grand Canyon to camping in obscure places to horrific experiences that evolve into hilarious stories, the vacations you spend together as a family are some of the best memories you’ll make.

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Submitted by Teresa Blecher of kidmondo.com