10 Moments Your Kids Will Love To Look Back On – Part 2

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Continued from part 1 of this article…..

boyssportsTheir First Sports Team – Nearly every kid joins a sports team at least once in their life, and you’ll want to make sure that you have evidence of their first sports experience documented in their online journal. From team pictures to shots of your child in action, as well as stats that outline how successful – or unsuccessful! – their team was and favorite memories and stories from the season, your child will love looking back through the memories of their first sports experience.

Halloween Costumes – You can almost always tell what year it was based on a child’s Halloween costume and the character they’re portraying, and having documentation of each year’s costume is sure to evoke smiles of joy from your kids. Make sure to include fun details with each picture, such as pumpkin carving pictures, any costume contests they may have entered and where they went trick or treating.

Events and Festivals – If your family makes it a point to go to certain festivals and events each year, such as the Renaissance Festival, certain sporting events or even your neighborhood or church’s annual fall festival, then make sure to include as much in your child’s online journal. Pictures of your child in game day colors, gnawing on massive turkey legs and delighting over getting their face painted are memories that your child will look back on with fondness.

schoolbusThe First Day of School – Nearly every parent documents their child’s first day of school each year, and these pictures are a must-have in your online journal. Include pertinent school year details, such as the grade they were in, who their teacher was, what school they attended and what they were most looking forward to that year. Try and do a follow up post at the end of each year that details their favorite projects, subjects and memories.

Their First Car – Whether it’s exactly what they wanted or a clunker in need of serious work, there’s nothing like your child’s first car, and seeing pictures of it is sure to evoke a slew of good memories. While it likely won’t ever sit in the driveway for very long, try and capture at least a few pictures of your child standing next to it and behind the wheel.

High School Graduation – Nothing signals the end of an era and the beginning of the next big chapter in life quite like graduation, and your child’s high school graduation deserves a special spot in her online journal. Along with pictures of your graduate and candid shots from the ceremony, include what your child will be doing now that high school is over and what her hopes and dreams for the future are. Whether those dreams turn into a reality or not, the documentation of them is sure to transport her right back to the bittersweet feeling of graduation every time she reads about them.

Submitted by Teresa Blecher of kidmondo.com