What’s The Difference Between Cosmetic And Aesthetic Dentistry?

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By Samuel Addison

malesmileWhen you smile or laugh, do you usually cover your mouth with your hand or with a fan to conceal uneven, stained, or missing teeth? Fortunately, this is a thing of the past. Now that you can discuss dental problems with an expert, you could have attractive set of teeth fit for Hollywood stars.

Dentistry has two terms for the dental enhancement procedure that promises a glimmering, glamorous, and healthy smile. An awesome smile, which will boost your confidence and self-esteem, is now possible through cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry. Are these two fields the same? Or are they totally different?

Cosmetic vs. Aesthetic Dentistry

When you visit a dental clinic and ask the dentist to erase your hideous cavities or fix your ill-formed teeth, you might get either solution: cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry. Truth is, dental practitioners are divided by their philosophy of dental care and personal preference so you would probably receive either reply: “Consult a Cosmetic dentist.” Or “Consult an Aesthetic dentist.”

What is Aesthetic Dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry attempts to copy the features of teeth or smile that the human eye finds beautiful or attractive. Aesthetic dentists perform almost any type of dental works with one goal – to bring out the best set of teeth in terms of functionality, oral health, and beauty. The alteration has to look as natural as possible so the aesthetic dentist takes into consideration the patient’s facial features like the alignment of the jaw and the facial tissues involving the lips and the cheeks. Common aesthetic dental procedures include regular teeth cleaning, root canals, cavity fillings, and teeth repairs or restoration (fractured or decayed teeth using materials that would match the natural colour of the original teeth).

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

mansmileCosmetic dentists enhance teeth beyond what is perceived as natural. They are willing to perform extreme teeth makeover to achieve an enhanced natural teeth appearance. Cosmetic dentists treat uneven or crooked teeth and discoloration using veneers, crowns, dental implants, invisalign braces, bridges, and teeth-whitening products. People undergoing cosmetic dentistry would need to make sure that their oral health can keep up with cosmetic dental treatments.

Cosmetic dentistry is a specialized practice. Not all dentists can specialize in cosmetic dentistry.

Which Procedure to Choose?

A reputable dentist would let you know which treatments are appropriate for your teeth, if budget is out of the question. The general public, media, and perhaps even your dentist will tell you that cosmetic and aesthetic dental procedures are the same but remember that cosmetic procedures may be more severe than aesthetic dental treatments. Only a few dental professionals will differentiate aesthetic from cosmetic dentistry (they use them interchangeably) so try to ask further details prior to any dental procedure.

– Samuel Addison is a professional content writer with over 8 years of experience both in writing and internet marketing. Samuel started having interest in cosmetic dentistry when he himself undergone a dental operation 3 years ago.