What Do You know About Tooth Extractions?

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By Dana Smith

toothYour teeth play very many important roles in everyday life and among them are eating and talking. Keeping your teeth healthy is very important as it helps prevent unnecessary suffering. Whenever you experience aches in your teeth, it may be important to visit tooth extraction dentist who will uproot the affected tooth and do dental implants. The reason for this is that the decaying tooth may pass over the infection to others pretty quickly. Even other parts of your teeth may not only be sore, but also aching hence there is need to consult a professional dentist who will help carry out implant procedures.

Types of Tooth Removal Procedures

Your dental professional will carry out a check and figure out if you will need back or front tooth replacement. Back tooth replacement is more challenging because the area is far away and so it cannot be reached with ease. But the challenge with replacing front teeth is the pain which is caused by the many nerves which are available in the area. But generally, dental extractions and replacements are neither harmful nor painful, unlike many people have made it appear.

Bridging is the most ideal option when you want a replacement for one tooth and this procedure can only be successful if the two adjacent teeth are available to support the bride which is to be installed. It entails a metallic joint and requires chipping the lower sections of the adjacent teeth. Most implants are made with metal bridges and the tooth is removable, unlike the bridge which will remain permanently on the gum area.

Types of Bridges

There are two main kinds of bridges: vertical and horizontal. It is the horizontal bridge which requires support from two teeth that lie adjacent to the side of the bridge. On the other hand, a vertical bridge is inserted just within the gum. It’s also possible for your dentist to install the bridge by using a flipper which offers more comfort. In this approach, the flipper gets wrapped around the gum while the teeth just stay in their respective place.

However, the use of crowns has become more common in cosmetic dentistry and has been the preferred option when root canal surgery and partial teeth replacements are necessary. The decayed teeth are replaced with a synthetic product which looks and operates just like an ordinary tooth. Crowns can last for longer and could even be used to chew food without fear of feeling pain.

What to do During the Healing Process

There are certain precautionary measures which you should consider during the healing process. Dentist is able offer you the best advice to help with the healing process. If you don’t follow them, there are chances that you will experience some complications. Any sucking activity such as sipping and smoking must be avoided. Sneezing or blowing balloons and related tasks should also be avoided as this could disturb the healing process. Before you use your teeth for normal activities, it is imperative for you to wait until the socket heals. It’s also prudent that you avoid heavy exercises as they may cause bleeding.

– This post is created by Dana Smith. She is currently associated with Spokane dentist, In this post she is sharing the tips of tooth extraction.