What Causes Childhood Obesity? – Part 38

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As many of my regular viewers to this web blog know, there are many factors contributing to childhood obesity. I post daily here about it, whether news print articles, opinions, feedback, or just personal opinion.

Recently, I wrote an article for Yahoo! (click here) about childhood obesity. I started searching for sources for this article, and received over 100 responses to the question, “What do you think caused the rise in childhood obesity?” Responses came from professional and Olympic athletes, fitness experts, health experts, nutritionist, and parents.

I was unable to use everyone’s feedback, but thought it would be great to post some of their responses on my blog in a new web series, “What Causes Childhood Obesity.” I hope that you enjoy the opinions here from various individuals. Please remember, my including their posts does not necessarily mean I agree or endorse their opinion, rather, a place to share other people’s thoughts.

Keeping Kids Fit
Opinion: Dr. Larry McCleary

Childhood obesity is on the rise because of poor dietary choices … an easy target is too much fructose/sugar. Increases appetite and causes elevated levels of the fat-storage hormone insulin.

What to do: Nutrition needs to become a focus of the family at home. Have parents talk to kids about making good food choices. The parents need to know what these food choices are to help educate the kids. So, it is a vicious cycle.

Incorporate brain healthy fats such as omega-3s and the superstar, coconut oil into the diet. They will help fill your child up and keep blood sugar levels from rising, then crashing and making them hungry.

Dr. Larry McCleary, retired Acting Chief of Neurosurgery at Denver Children’s Hospital and author of Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly

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  1. Excellent post! I agree 100%. It is not lack of exercise that is the issue. It’s too much total carbohydrate and too little healthy fats. 

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