What Advantages Does An Invisible Hearing Aid Give You?

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By Emily Steves

humanearThere are many advantages associated with using invisible hearing aids, which can help you to enjoy improved comfort alongside the best quality digital programming. Invisible hearing aids can be fitted inside the ear canal, and cannot be seen by observers. As well as this discreet advantage, invisible hearing aids make use of high tech hearing technology, and are available in several specialist brands; it’s also worth remembering, though, that some wearers may not be suitable for invisible hearing aids due to the size of their ear canal.

An invisible hearing aid is designed to fit within the ear canal, and is fitted to your particular hearing needs; as with other digital hearing aids, invisible hearing aids can be programmed to filter out different kinds of sounds, and can be set up to deliver the best sound for phone conversations and crowds.

Invisible hearing aids are typically fitted much closer to your ear drum than other hearing aids that clip around your ear. At the same time, invisible hearing aids are built to resist water and wax, but not intensive activities like swimming or being underwater in the bath.

One of the main advantages, then, of wearing invisible hearing aids is that you can reduce any anxiety about wearing a visible hearing aid in public; while now common, many younger people and children are still uncomfortable about wearing a hearing aid. Invisible hearing aids consequently provide a solution that allows people to enjoy enhanced hearing without having to worry about being judged – again, hearing aids have advanced to the point where designs and visibility mean that they be comfortably worn without being self conscious.

There are many different invisible hearing aid brands that can be tailored to your hearing loss. Among these brands, Phonak hearing aids use cutting edge technology to enhance your hearing, and feature advanced settings such as sound-flow and whistle-block. While standard hearing aids can achieve much of the same effects, Phonic’s invisible hearing aids are designed to be small and easy to wear without noticing them.

One of the main advantages, then, of wearing invisible hearing aids is that you can reduce any anxiety about wearing a visible hearing aid in public…..

Other popular invisible hearing aid brands include those made by Starkey SoundLens – these invisible hearing aids can be worn within your ear canal, and can be set up to cut out whistling and any other forms of interference. In the same way, brands like the Siemens iMini include features like feedback stopping, directional hearing, speech enhancement, and noise reduction when you’re out in public or in busy restaurants and bars.

When looking for an invisible hearing aid, it’s crucial to get a consultation with a trained audiologist, who can assess your type of hearing loss, and whether an invisible hearing aid is right for you. Unfortunately, some people do not have wide enough ear canals to have invisible hearing aids fitted, so make sure that you get a full consultation before making a decision.

It’s also important to ensure that your service includes aftercare, whereby an audiologist can deal with everything from discomfort when the hearing aid is being worn, through to reprogramming it to adjust to your hearing.

– Blogger Emily Steves suffers from hearing loss. She likes sharing her experiences and thoughts about many different invisible hearing aid brands. She firmly believes that these can help you understand the issues of hearing loss more efficiently.