Ways To Improve Your Digestion

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By Christine Maddox

healthillustratedI have long suffered with digestion issues. From my stomach being upset to acid reflux to having colon problems and even urinary tract infections I have had problems after problems. However recently I have changed my lifestyle and added a few supplements that have really helped me out. Here are some of the ways I improved my digestion:

1. Checking out allergies – The first thing that really helped me to turn a corner was checking out if I was allergic to any of the foods I was eating. I know that gluten intolerance can cause many digestive issues. Thankfully I am not gluten intolerant, but I am lactose intolerant. Once I switched to soy products I greatly reduced my stomach upset and bloating.

2. Cutting down on fat and salt – Secondly I also made a diet change by cutting down on the fat and salt I consumed. This was due to other health reasons, but it helped my digestion as well. Once I cut down on fat and salt heavy prepackaged foods, soups and lunch meats I discovered my bowel movements became more regular and my blood pressure dropped. In fact I had to stop taking my blood pressure medication! However in order to decrease my fat and slat I switched to whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. These fresh ingredients aggravated my digestive issues to the point that I did not know which was worse, the fat or the pain. However I have since discovered how to solve this problem.

3. Taking a probiotic – I started taking a probiotic supplement once a day along with a digestive enzyme supplement with problem foods. When I eat fresh vegetables or spicy foods I make sure I take the digestive enzyme supplement beforehand. The combination has allowed me to be pain free after eating for the first time in years!

water4. Drinking more water – In order to help my digestion I have also started drinking more water. By replacing sugary sodas and caffeine laden drinks with water I have seen that my stomach can hold more food without refluxing, my bowel movements are more regular, and my urinary tract infections have been greatly reduced. I also take a cranberry supplement to help keep my urinary tract clean.

5. Exercising – Last but not least I have increased my activity level. Though other health issues prevent me from running on a treadmill or going for a jog I have found ways to be more active. Bike riding is a great way to get out and be moving when the weather is nice. By moving more I keep my digestion running smooth and do not have as many issues.

Although all of these things may not work for you, some of them may help at least a little. Improving your digestion helps your overall health and certainly helps you to feel stronger and more able to face the stresses of life.

– This post is contributed by Christine Maddox. Currently she is pursuing her Master’s degree from University of Texas as well as blogging for www.4nannies.com. She loves to write anything related to parenting, kids, nanny care etc. She can be reached via email at: christine.4nannies @ gmail.com.