Visualization – Bringing Fitness To A Higher Level

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By Jana Hollingsworth

joggersEver wonder how professional athletes get ready for their big day? Whether it’s a marathon, boxing match, or weight lifting competition, competitors find that using visualization can be extremely helpful in reaching their goals. I know coaches who work with athletes and have them envisioning crossing the finish line first or perhaps knocking out their opponent. Whatever goal it may be, in or out of the fitness realm, visualization is a wonderful tool!

When I did my first Figure competition, I envisioned myself making the “top 5” and it worked! By the time I did my second competition, I was visualizing first place and it happened! Visualization can be a very powerful tool!

Whatever your goals, visualization can be very helpful in attaining them. Here are some examples how it can work for you:

Running your first marathon. After you make the commitment to run the race, write your commitment on paper. Once this is completed, set small goals for yourself to accomplish each week (i.e. I will run “x” amount of miles this week at “x” amount of time for each mile I run.”) After you have written your goals down, take a few minutes to visualize yourself accomplishing these goals. Once you’ve gone through it in your mind, it will be easier to do the physical portion of it.

saladStart eating a healthy diet. Think about the reasons you want to change your diet and write them down on paper. Then, commit to a particular goal each week and write that down as well. Once you are clear on the reasons you want to eat healthy and have your goals in place, visualize what your life will look like once you clean up your diet (i.e. week 1 you commit to cleaning out all junk food in the house. Sit quietly and visualize going through all your cupboards and refrigerator and tossing everything into the garbage. Write down how you feel after envisioning yourself performing the task. If you get a positive feeling, you know you are ready to tackle it for real!

Signing up for a new class at the gym. It’s totally understandable to have some fear around joining a new class at the gym. Will I make a fool of myself, are the steps going to be hard to learn, will I be able to do it? These are some of the questions that may be rolling around in your mind. My suggestion would be to watch the class a few times. Then, visualize yourself walking into the room and selecting a certain spot. From there, you can visualize the basics of the class (how the teacher starts the class, certain steps she does, and maybe how she ends the class). Once you have that picture in your head, picture yourself moving through the class with grace and ease!

The more you can visualize yourself being successful when you are setting goals for yourself, the easier it will be to attain them! Don’t let fear stand in your way. Visualize some big goals for yourself and reach for the stars with confidence!

Jana Hollingsworth is a gifted Power Coach, Author, and award-winning Fitness Competitor. Jana is a sought-after radio guest and a well known workshop leader in Intuitive development. She blends her knowledge of intuitive power with her dedication to health and fitness to create a mind, body, soul approach to her coaching sessions.