Toxic Metals: What Are They And What Can You Do About Them? – Part 2

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By Mark Pitstick, MA, DC

Continued from part 1 of this article…..

newspaperManganese: well water, ceramics, antiseptics, dyes, medicines, job exposure

Mercury: processed foods, dental fillings, seafood, vaccinations, polluted water

Nickel: auto exhaust, cigarettes, dental crowns, occupational exposure

Radioactive Metals: contaminated food, air and water; proximity to nuclear plants

Tin: canned foods, paints, pesticides, contaminated water, occupational exposure

Titanium: paints, medications, orthopedic and dental implants, job exposure

Zinc: poor quality mineral supplements, exposure to smelters, metal cans

What action steps can you take so toxic metals don’t hurt you and your loved ones?

1. prevention of further heavy metals.

2. treatment, that is, removal of toxic metals already in the body.

Prevention involves avoiding further exposure to the sources listed above as much as possible. Suggestions for doing this include:

* avoid processed foods—especially those containing high fructose corn syrup—as much as possible since they have small amounts of mercury as a preservative

* use deodorants with natural ingredients, not aluminum

* don’t use canned foods to prevent intake of lead, aluminum, tin and other metals

* avoid medical drugs as much as possible since they may contain heavy metals; this is especially critical for vaccinations that contain mercury in the form of thimerosal

* use a mercury-free dentist for your dental fillings

* filter your drinking water with a dual carbon filter and bathing water with a whole-house filter

* avoid over-the-counter medications such as antacids that contain toxic metals

* use naturally-based skin care products that do not contain heavy metals

You get the idea. Just look at the list of common sources and eliminate them as much as possible. It’s a transition; you don’t have to change everything overnight. Be sure to tell your family and friends about the dangers of heavy metals so they can avoid them, too.

Also, be sure to contact your legislators and urge their action on bills to protect people, animals and the environment from toxic metals products and wastes.

For treatment:

* Lose weight if you’re overweight since heavy metals can store in fat.

* Use a detox program two to four times a year to assist internal cleansing of the bowels, kidneys, lungs, blood, lymphatics and skin. I recommend the Standard Process 21 Day Purification program.

* Use a nutritional-based health program such as Stressor-Nutrient Balancing (SNB) to detect an overabundance of heavy metals and determine what approach is best to remove them.

Mark Pitstick, B.S., M.A., D.C., has over forty years experience and training in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers, and holistic private practice. His training includes a premedical degree, graduate theology/pastoral counseling studies, masters in clinical psychology, and doctorate in chiropractic. His book Radiant Wellness: A Holistic Guide for Optimal Body, Mind and Spirit was endorsed by Drs. Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Bernie Siegel and others. Mark has been a frequent radio and TV guest and hosted a nationally syndicated radio show. He has presented many workshops on holistic health and spiritual awareness. He has been a review editor and regular contributor to many magazines and e-zines. Mark founded the Radiant Wellness Center and the Stressor-Nutrient Balancing healing method.

Disclaimer: Listing improvements of past patients’ problems does not imply a guarantee for those with similar conditions. I do not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. I do teach people and health care professionals how to assist the body in healing itself of imbalances.