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Thank you to PRWeb for supplying this article, please share your thoughts in the comments section below….. launches new site highlighting teeth cleaning and preventative care education and maintenance.

Many adults have had a toothache at some point. While toothaches are never pleasant, many regard them simply as an annoyance to be tolerated or ignored altogether. A toothache, however, is an indication that any number of more serious oral health issues may be present. The new web resource helps provide San Diego residents with information about toothaches, teeth cleaning, and general preventative oral health care. will provide a portal for local San Diego oral health specialists to educate the public on proper hygiene, and preventative, as well as corrective oral care when needed. San Diego dentist, Dr. Mark S. Richey is one of the early adopters of the new site. Dr. Richey utilizes in order to better equip patients to maintain ideal oral health, as he strongly believes that dental care is an integral part of optimal health and immune function. To date the site lists causes, side effects, and treatment methods of toothache, and emphasizes the possible health risks of allowing toothaches to go untreated. Utilizing tools like allows local dental care specialist to reach a wider range of those suffering from a toothache or in need of general dentistry.

From causes of oral infections to solutions for cosmetic needs, has answers to many commonly asked dental questions. While the site focuses primarily on causes of toothache and preventative care, Dr. Richey also posts periodic blogs detailing the various methods used to identify and treat all manner of oral health issues. It is, of course, important to brush and floss daily, however, scheduling regular oral examinations and cleanings is vital in preventing oral health issues like toothache from advancing to more serious stages.

About Toothache San Diego:

Hillcrest, CA. dentist, Dr. Mark S. Richey has been firmly rooted at the same dental office for over 20 years. Graduating from the University of Missouri in 1984 and from Northwestern University in 1988, Dr. Richey has been a member of the ADA, CDA and SDDS since 1990. Immediately after graduating, he completed a general practice residency program at the University of Nebraska medical center in Omaha, where he was trained to manage difficult medical-dental cases while working with medically compromised patients.