Tips For Biking Around New York This Fall

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familybikeridetogetherTommy Middaugh, Travel To Go Vice President, knows that New York is one of the top travel destinations in the world and offers suggestions for travelers who want to experience the state in a unique way.

When travelers are looking for amazing fall destinations to enjoy this year, they have a number of great spots to choose from. However, no matter when they travel, the many offerings of New York are always a treat. In the fall, this destination comes alive and offers travelers a number of amazing attractions and activities all in the beautiful fall climate. For those who want to take advantage of this perfect fall spot and also want to get out in the fresh air, Tommy Middaugh, Travel To Go Vice President, says that one of the best ways is to grab a bike. Here are some of the best sites to enjoy while riding.

1. Brooklyn Bridge: One of the most amazing spots to enjoy in New York is the Brooklyn Bridge and crossing it is a must for travelers who want to truly have the New York experience. Taking a bike and riding across the walkway instead of going across on foot it is a great way to appreciate the glorious views that are available at the top of the bridge.

2. Coney Island: Coney Island is another top spot to enjoy in New York, but instead of driving there, Tommy Middaugh of Travel To Go suggests taking a bike ride. It will offer travelers the chance to take in the open air and see the lovely tree lined roads up close. Taking a bike also makes it easy to stop along the way to grab a bike to eat or enjoy the scenery.

3. Central Park: Another top spot in New York, Central Park is a must visit spot for travelers. Fall is the perfect time to visit Central Park and see the leaves change color. Taking a leisurely bike ride around the park can let travelers see a large portion of it in a short amount of time, and allow them to stop when they want to get a more in-depth look around. This can be the perfect relaxing activity for an afternoon in New York.

While it is not a conventional way to see sights in New York, Tommy Middaugh, Travel To Go Vice President, knows that taking bike adventure around this top destination can offer a number of opportunities that driving or using other means of transportation would not. Travelers can move around at their pace, stop for sightseeing and local offerings, or just enjoy the beautiful fall weather. Those who are traveling to New York this fall should consider enjoying this unique travel experience. For more information on travel this fall visit

– Courtesy of PRWeb