The Connection Between Mid-Life And Spiritual Transformation – Part 1

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By Diane Lang

womanarmupMid-life is the beginning of your spiritual transformation because it is the time of your life that you work through all the pain and hurt you have dealt with your whole life but avoided.

Now its mid-life (ages 35-50’s) and you realize you have so many unanswered questions.

You realize you’re not as fulfilled or happy as you want to be.

You feel like something is missing.

Your dreams have changed and you’re looking for a deeper purpose.

This is the beginning of the spiritual journey.

We can have a transformation without working through all our personal kinks.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What have you been avoiding all these years? What are you afraid of?

What are your true desires?

Who are we still angry at? Who do we need to forgive?

When we work through our fears, pain and hurt we can start the journey to our true self.

Working through all the fears can put us on the right track to our soul, leaving the ego behind.

When we want to make deeper changes and find our true self we need to start with a spiritual practice.

We need to have a spiritual routine that keeps us on the right path towards freeing ourselves from all those fears we were raised with.

Start with one spiritual practice and do it for a few months till it becomes a habit and then add on slowly until you have a full spiritual practice.

With your new spiritual practice you will feel a sense of peace and stillness.

A sense of who you are inside- your true self.

It helps you to want things but not NEED things.

It allows you to feel a sense of love at all times towards all things.

It allows you to feel connected to earth, animals, plants and all people – you realize we are all connected.

It allows you to love yourself and stop the never ending cycle of perfection.

Let’s start your spiritual practice today!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article shortly…..

Diane Lang is a therapist, author, and positive psychology educator Diane Lang. Ms. Lang is the author of “Baby Steps: the Path from Motherhood to Career” and “Creating Balance & Finding Happiness.” She has been featured in many publications and shows, including the Daily Record, Family Beautiful Magazine, Health & Beauty NJ, Family and Working Mother Magazine, Good Morning Connecticut, and Fox & Friends. She has counseled patients with different forms of mental illness, physical and emotional abuse, and relationship issues, and is a much-sought-after expert for positive parenting.