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Many health and wellness web sites are always looking for ways to improve their Alexa ranking, Google ranking, social media skills, and SEO. The Tech Tools section of this web site will have basic tips from experts and non-experts alike who will share their successes with the audience of this blog. Hopefully, they will help anyone who has their own web site improve the sites popularity.

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Simple Tips To Improve Your Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, Social Media Skills, And SEO.

5 Metrics To Measure Your Weight Loss Blog Growth

By John Chandley

waistsmallIf you own a weight loss blog, it’s often very difficult not to be oblivious of the latest trends in the blogging and marketing world.

Of course, you know your stuff and are qualified to speak on health-related subjects but your blog ultimately has no value if there’s no one to read what you write.

The key to success, then, is to consistently work on growing your blog; by regularly taking action to improve your rankings in various regards until you’re able to get the results that you desire.

If you own a weight loss blog, here are 5 metrics you should measure your blog against as well as how they can influence your blog growth.

1. Google Pagerank

Google pagerank is Google’s system for rating the authority of a website.

The Google pagerank of any website is rated from 0 – 10, and more pagerank means you have more credibility with Google.

In most cases, having a higher Google pagerank can also influence your rankings in the search engines as well as how people perceive your blog.

You can check the Google pagerank of any website by installing the Google toolbar.

How to grow Google pagerank: You can grow your Google pagerank by building quality backlinks to your home page and inner pages. You can gain backlinks from writing guest posts, writing viral content that gets linked to and partnering with other bloggers who will link to your blog.

alexalogo2. Alexa Ranking

The Alexa ranking of a website is calculated based on the number of people that visit your website that have the Alexa toolbar installed.

Your Alexa ranking could be anything from several millions to #1; a lower Alexa ranking represents more popular your blog, which is why Google has the Alexa rank 1 since it is the most popular website online.

How to grow Alexa ranking: You can improve the Alexa ranking of your weight loss blog by actively submitting guest posts to blogs in your niche and in other niches and by being active on webmaster forums; this way, more people with the Alexa toolbar will visit your blog and your rankings will increase.

3. Domain Authority

The domain authority of any website is calculated based on a lot of factors, but mostly based on the number of authoritative incoming links the homepage of your website has.

In other words, spammy online links won’t help your weight loss website gain domain authority. Quality links from trusted sites will.

Having more domain authority means any content you publish will easily rank well for related keywords without active effort from your part.

You can check the domain authority of your blog here.

How to grow Domain Authority: Do a lot of innovative things to get people talking and linking to your homepage; also network with other bloggers in health and fitness niches to link back to your homepage.

4. Customrank

The Customrank of a blog is one of the most accurate metrics available today and it is calculated from your blog’s Alexa rank, domain authority, site age and other metrics.

The Customrank of your website is calculated from a total of all the other metrics above. Your Customrank can be anything from 0 – 100 and the higher the Customrank of your weight loss blog, the more authoritative it is.

The Customrank of a blog is one of the most accurate metrics available today and it is calculated from your blog’s Alexa rank, domain authority, site age and other metrics.

You can check the Customrank of any website at

How to grow Customrank: Keep writing a lot of great content and start marketing yourself more; the more activity you can generate around your blog on social media and the more links you can get to your blog, especially the homepage, the more Customrank you will gain.

5. Blog Traffic

While all the above are great metrics that gives your blog apparent authority in the form of web audiences and advertisers or that help make your website look great compared to a peer’s, it’s important to realize that they’re all vanity metrics.

Especially if your business depends on the success of your blog, you should focus more on growing your blog traffic instead of worrying about the above metrics.

Fortunately, in the right circumstances, more of the above metrics means more traffic for your health website.

How to grow blog traffic: The best way to grow your blog traffic is by networking with other influencers in your niche and by working on improving your SEO. SEO can be an effective long-term strategy if done right and you can read my other article here that shares my SEO strategy for my weight loss blog.

– John Chandley is a professional weight loss blogger conversant with marketing. He helps his readers learn more about weight loss on his blog.