Team All-American Celebrates Eight Years Of Helping Runners Worldwide

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An interesting article provided by PRWeb regarding Team All-American and their work helping runners…..

joggerTeam All-American is celebrating eight years of helping runners across the world achieve goals through running to improve mental, physical and spiritual performance.

Team All-American, an organization dedicated to helping runners across the world train smarter and achieve their running goals, celebrated its eight-year anniversary on August 16, 2014.

For the past eight years, the organization has helped people to improve performance mentally, physically and spiritually, using running as a platform to engage with people. Team All-American’s clients are located across the United States and in international locations as well, making it a worldwide community of athletes.

“We are celebrating our success, yet we are hungry for way more,” said Scott Fishman, founder of Team All-American. “The people that we have worked with are inspiring, and we’ve seen so many people achieve their goals. When they tell us that they were able to do this because of our methods, it’s truly an amazing feeling.”

Team All-American arose as a way to ensure that people who were interested in running could become involved without suffering injuries. According to Fishman, there is a prevailing notion that running causes many different types of injuries, but these injuries are often easily preventable with the right type of training.

seniorjoggerFor the last eight years the organization has worked tirelessly to ensure that people do not fall victim to the myths of fitness. Its clients have gone on to experience personal best times in the mile, 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, ultra marathon and every distance in between as a result of training with Team All-American.

“Running is the most primal sport,” said Fishman. “It’s something that anyone can do without a plan or a professional to guide you. But if you want to do it successfully and for a long time, it is best to follow a custom training program that is designed, monitored and adjusted by a professional.”

About Team All-American

Team All-American is an organization devoted to helping runners worldwide achieve their goals, whether it be their first mile, their first marathon or a personal record time. Using the Team All-American methodology, runners will be able to reach their goals through a carefully planned and detailed process that considers all aspects of their health and lifestyle.

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