Washington DC Is The Nation’s Fittest City

This article is courtesy of ACSM, please share your comments below….. Residents of the nation’s capital, followed by Minneapolis-St. Paul, and San Diego enjoy a variety of outdoor exercise options…

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UK Among Unhealthiest Of W. Europe Nations

From Your Health Journal…..A interesting article in SF Gate by Maria Cheng entitled UK Among Unhealthiest Of W. Europe Nations. I wanted to promote this article here not only to…

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New Health Rankings: Of 17 Nations, U.S. Is Dead Last

From Your Health Journal…..”Please go visit The Atlantic for a great article about the new health rankings written by Grace Rubenstein. We’ve reported on this web site so many times…

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Guest Post – Philip Tucker, Link Found Between Diabetes And Nations that Consume High Fructose Corn Syrup

The US Center for Disease Control recently released a report detailing the dramatic rise in the prevalence of diabetes in the United States, showing that the number of people who…

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