Exercise Is Key To Strength And Function In Older Women

Submitted by the University of Georgia’s College of Family and Consumer Sciences…. Higher protein diets prove less important for weight loss, maintaining physical function On their own, exercise and eating…

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ACL Injury And Female Athletes

This article is courtesy of PRWeb, please share your comments below….. Physical Therapist Robert Fay with Armonk Physical Therapy & Sports Training Provides Tips on Injury Prevention. An audible “pop”…

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It’s Time For A Change From The Black Swan Occurrence For Non-Contact Female Knee Injuries

By Warren J. Potash, Sports Performance Coach Yogi Berra said: “You can observe a lot by watching.” I have had a front row seat as a parent of a two…

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Guest Post – Warren Potash, Concussions and Female Athletes

With the beginning of fall sports starting now – female athletes and concussions are an important topic as more than 35 states have passed or are providing legislation for baseline…

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