Childhood Obesity Calculator May Be Most Accurate Predictor Yet

From Your Health Journal…..”A great article today from CBS in San Francisco about a childhood obesity calculator which can predict a newborn baby’s odds of becoming an obese child using…

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Obesity: The New “Just Say No”

From Your Health Journal…..”All my regular visitors know I love the health stories on, and I always encourage you to visit their site for some great articles, including the…

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Healthy Pregnancy Diet That Should Be Maintained During Pregnancy

By Tina Antony During pregnancy every action of the would-be mother directly or indirectly adds to you and your infant’s health. A pregnancy diet should comprise of all the important…

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Why We Diet?

From Your Health Journal…..”The LA Times is a great resource for health articles, and I found a great one today written by Abigail Saguy that I encourage you all to…

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Some Type 2 Diabetes Remissions Possible With Exercise, Diet

From Your Health Journal…..”As many of you know, I raise money for diabetes awareness if I can – and have a link on one of my web sites to assist…

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Diabetes ‘Cure’: Diet And Exercise Work For Some

From Your Health Journal…..”As I said earlier today, I love many of the health related articles on FOX News. I strongly recommend your visiting their site to read not only…

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Guest Post – Emily Joseph, Eating Healthy Around The Holidays

The holidays are an amazing time of year. Families get together to celebrate, parents shower their children with gifts, and in many parts of the country, the ground and everything…

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Guest Post – Helen M. Ryan, Stop The ‘Kill Bill’ Way Of Dieting

When does one brownie (or cookie, beer, chip) have the power to break you? When you go on a diet. Iconic Michael Jackson may have sung, “it don’t matter if…

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Guest Post – Nancy Parker, Ways to Focus on Being Healthy, Not Losing Weight, With Your Kids

Childhood obesity is a rising issue, and one that needs to be met head on. The problem that people are running into, however, is that there is a fine line…

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Guest Post – Maya Nahra, “I’ll Start My Diet On Monday”

“I’ll Start My Diet On Monday.” Two Crucial Questions To Ask To End This Addictive Cycle. You know what you should be eating, but you don’t do it. Why don’t…

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